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  • I hope our website provides you with all the important information you need about our school.  If you ever need more information or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to call our school at (734) 994-1973 or you can email me directly at   Dr. David DeYoung, principal.

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    What's upcoming at Wines?


    Thank you to all for a wonderful auction!

    March is Reading Month was fun!  We beat our goal by 151%!  Our students read 301,995 minutes in four weeks!  Congratulations to all.

    Encourage family reading every day.

    Be a Pathfinder!  Discover your world of reading!

    On Friday, we all read together in the hall and on Thursday we came as our favorite book characters!

    Upper el   Upper El reading   Lower el reading  First graders   Lower el Kindergartners Fourth Graders   Second Graders    A visit from the Bard of Avon   Aviator hero  Adventure & Suspense  Realistic fiction!  Kindergarten fun  More Kindergarten fun  Imagining ourselves as others  Gerald  Piggie  Cat in the Hat!  Jack and Annie  Magical powers!  Using our imaginations  Outsize!  Strong women  Favorite characters  Magical powers  Harry

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    Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for Parent Involvement Day! 

    Our teachers and students enjoyed hosting 350 visitors.

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    International Night

    statue of liberty

    “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, 

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 

    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

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    Science Olympiad is coming!  Are you available to help coach?

    Sign up here!


    Click here to see pictures of this year's Builders and Science Fair!


    Click here for this year's calendar

    Planning ahead?  Here are the upcoming winter and spring break dates:

    Upcoming vacation dates


    Click here for more about the county common calendar.  

    School hours:  First bell: 8:44

    Class begins: 8:47

    Dismissal:  3:50

    Lunch:  11:50-12:38

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    We are experiencing Project Lead the Way at all grade levels this year.  Watch this video to find out more about this new program.

    Project Lead the Way


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    Beth McNally is the UMS Educator of the Year!

    Click here for more.

     musical notes

     View the Teacher Appreciation video here!

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     Wines Elementary is a national Blue Ribbon school!   

    Blue Ribbon Logo

    See the celebratory video here!

    Click here to see our assembly honoring our achievements and

    a special tribute to Ms. Diane Wahl!

     Did you miss the award ceremony?  You can access a replay.

    Click here!

    Blue Ribbon Group

    Wines Receives Award

    View the announcement from Secretary of Education Duncan.

    Visit the Wines Elementary profile here.

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    The Wines community has raised $3,600

    to help protect endangered animal species! 

    Our donations are going in equal part to: 

    The International Fund for Animal Welfare

    The Nature Conservancy

    World Wildlife Fund

    Sierra Club

      Sea Turtle      Bengal Tiger

    See photos of our "Art to Remember" in the Events Tab!

                           Watch our fairy garden grow!                                                  

    Fairy Garden Sign               Fairy Flowers           Fairy Bridge  

    Wines is going 'GaGa'

                      Gaga Pit                   

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    Wines Elementary is proud                               Mrs. Gibbs' class learns about

    to be a Green School.                                      the human heart!  Click here!

       Michigan Green School

         Wines Garden Path     Wines Garden     Tulips   










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