Washtenaw County Common Calendar

Guidelines for a Perpetual Common School Calendar for Washtenaw County School Districts

As mandated by State law, all Washtenaw County Public School Districts have to set common calendars to coordinate Winter and Spring breaks, as well as the common State of Michigan start of school.

First Day of School for Students:

  • Tuesday after Labor Day 

Winter Break Guidelines:

If December
25th falls on:
School closes at the
end of the day on:
School resumes: Days off
Sunday Thursday, December 22 Monday, January 9 11
Monday Friday, December 22 Monday. January 8 10
Tuesday Friday. December 21 Monday, January 7 10
Wednesday Friday, December 20 Monday, January 6 10
Thursday Friday, December 19 Monday, January 5 10
Friday Friday, December 18 Monday, January 4 10
Saturday Friday, December 17 Monday, January 3 10

Spring Break:

  • Spring breaks will be scheduled for the first full week of April, beginning with the first Monday of the month.
STARTING with the 2017-18 SCHOOL YEAR:
  • Spring Break will be scheduled to begin on the last Monday in March.

  • Districts are encouraged to schedule one full Professional Development Day to be held any time during the week immediately preceeding Labor Day.
  • Districts are encouraged to schedule one Professional Development Day every other November on general election day.
Other breaks are negotiated by each district within the framework of the teacher association contract.