Middle School Math Testing Out

Middle School Math Testing Out

Registration for May 2017 testing is now closed.

For questions, please contact the middle school advanced mathematics testing coordinator: msmathtesting@a2schools.org

In the traditional middle school there are two pathways to accelerate in mathematics. 

The first pathway offers the opportunity for students who completed Mathematics 7 to enroll in accelerated Algebra in eighth grade based on teacher and parent recommendations and on prior mathematics performance. No testing out exam is required. 
The second pathway is by testing-out of regular mathematics courses. For example, a student entering sixth grade could test-out of Math 6 and enroll in Math 7, then take accelerated Algebra in seventh grade and Geometry AC in eighth grade.  A2Virtual+ Academy also offers online courses for mathematics.
Testing out of Math 6, Math 7, or Algebra I 
AAPS middle school students who wish to test out of Math 6, Math 7, or Algebra I for the 2017-2018 school year will have the opportunity to take the middle school mathematics tests in May of 2017. Specific dates of tests will be available later this spring.  
Testing Out of Algebra I 
Testing out of Algebra I is a new addition to the middle school testing out process. The 8th-grade Algebra IAC course contains both the State of Michigan standards for 8th-grade mathematics and for Algebra I, so both sets of outcomes will be included in the test. Students must have completed (be currently taking) Math 7 to register for this test.
What Will the Tests Assess? 
The tests will assess if students have mastered the State of Michigan mathematics content standards for grade 6 or grade 7 or a combination of grade 8 and Algebra I.  The tests will not measure students’ aptitude levels to learn mathematical concepts, but rather their knowledge of  Math content.  Students who demonstrate mastery of the concepts may be advanced to the next mathematics course in the sequence.
How to Register 
Students may register online to take the tests. Families may register students directly when the registration window opens. Families may also complete a paper registration and deliver it to their current school building, so that an office professional may register the student.
Is My Child a Good Candidate for Testing-Out 
Want to know if your child is a good candidate for testing-out of a middle school mathematics course?  Read the Student Criteria List
Common Questions and Answers
Have questions?  Check out the Q&A page.
What Will Be Assessed? 
Want to learn what will be assessed on a test?  Select  Math 6 or Math 7 or Math 8/Algebra I. 
Assessment Dates:

Testing will occur between May1 and May 12 in the student’s current elementary school, or middle school the week of May 15, during regular school hours. Each school will notify its families about its specific test date.  Scores will be reported to families during the week of May 22nd.

New Students for Fall of 2017-2018

Middle school students new to AAPS in 2017-18 who wish to test out of Math 6 or Math 7 for the 2017-18 school year will have the opportunity to take the middle school mathematics tests during the first two weeks of the 217-2018 school year. Testing will occur in your child’s school during regular school hours.  More information will be available on this website beginning August 1, 2017.

For questions, please contact the middle school advanced mathematics testing