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A2 Tech: "Credentials Matter!!!"
 2800 Stone School Road
 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
 (734)997-1261 FAX
 Principal: Tyrone Weeks


About Our School

Ann Arbor Tech High School’s program is based on research focusing on what works in education.    

Program Values

The U.S. Department of Education, reports six qualities for alternative education that show evidence of success:
• Identify students at high risk of dropping out 
• Assign adult advocates.
• Provide academic support and enrichment to improve performance.
• Implement programs to improve students’ classroom behavior and social skills.
• Personalize the learning environment and instructional process.
• Provide rigorous and relevant instruction to better engage and serve future needs.

Through its intake and mentor programs, as well as its unique approach to instruction and instructional choices, and the opportunity to work with the community, Ann Arbor Tech meets all of these recommendations.

 Post-Secondary Success

According to extensive work done in the Hope Study ( when students are empowered to advocate for projects for themselves, or to demonstrate learning in alternative ways they build internal motivation and a sense of self-efficacy that not only supports engagement but begins to develop an academic self, a student who believes in themselves as academically capable and viable. This can develop a student who may have believed that high school completion was out of reach but now imagines a college future.

 Instructional Strategies

The curriculum necessitates instructional strategies that involve the student. In addition to students being wholly aware of their learning goal and the intended outcomes, teachers at Ann Arbor Tech will infrequently do whole group direct instruction;  instead, they will act as consultants to students in learning goals and standards, helping students explore, express and articulate their understanding of content. The model is one that is based on using feedback from formative assessments that is specific to the task, the process, or is related to self-regulation rather than associated with the self (praise or punishment), which has been shown by research to have a positive effect on student achievement.

Online Learning

The rationale for online learning, as described by the Michigan Department of Education, is that it will allow students to become more familiar with their own learning skills and knowledge. An online learning experience will prepare students for the demands of higher education, the workplace, and personal life-long learning. It is the 21st Century skill of learning how to learn and becoming a life-long learner that is the prominent benefit of online learning experiences.  Ann Arbor Tech’s classes will nearly all consist of online components; some classes will be completely online.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning involves students participating in an inquiry process focused on an authentic question that results in a product, a performance, or a solution to the question. Research shows that students learn more profoundly when they are able to apply the skills and concepts they encounter in their classrooms to real-world problems and challenges.

Mentor Program

Leading students to the understanding of how schools work and how they can be relevant to their lives and encouraging them to value learning for learning sake, is a key goal of the school, especially through the mentor program. Students will be exposed to various programs that develop skills that are critical to success in school and beyond by working closely with mentors, where they will learn about how our beliefs about ourselves and our ability to learn make those two things real—students will learn how to adopt the "growth mindset”  or  “…the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.”

Student/Teacher Relationships

Much research has been done that strongly links the success of students to a strong relationship with an adult mentor. Ann Arbor Tech builds upon this research through the Mentor program, where students will have a consistent support and assistance through their Advisor.

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