Choices A2.0

A comprehensive menu of educational choices for high school students in Ann Arbor Public Schools.

hs_acad2.jpgWelcome to Choices A2.0, a new and unique learning option designed to meet the needs of every Ann Arbor high school student. Choices A2.0 is open to any student enrolled in any Ann Arbor high school – or high school program – and has been created to attract and retain more students by challenging the way they think about education.

Our goal is to make learning accessible, challenging and meaningful – in the classroom, in the community and in life. In creating Choices A2.0, AAPS is presenting a full range of teaching tools and resources designed to motivate every student, no matter what his or her individual circumstances, to succeed.

A Variety of Teaching & Learning Opportunities

Ann Arbor Public Schools’ Choices A2.0 has been developed to ensure that every high school student is afforded the same level of exceptional education. By making available a broad menu of innovative and exciting teaching and learning opportunities, our team nurtures and challenges young minds to grow, reach higher and achieve. These learning choices can be combined to provide a successful high school career for all students.

  • Face-to-Face Courses with Ann Arbor Public Schools Instructor
  • Face-to-Face Courses with Community Resource Instructor
  • Blended Face-to-Face/Online Courses
    • Choice 1: Online Blended offered through your assigned building
    • Choice 2: Online Blended offered through Stone Online Evening Program
    • Choice 3: Online Blended Credit Recovery
  • Online Only Courses
    • Choice 1: Online Only with an Online Instructor offered through your assigned building
    • Choice 2: Online Only offered through Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS)
    • Choice 3: Online Only with an Online Facilitator
  • Dual-Enrollment at a Local College or University
  • Project-Based, Face-to-Face Instruction

Criteria for enrollment in AAPS High Schools:

AAPS High Schools

Pioneer: Reside within school geographic boundaries, 734-994-2120
Huron: Reside within school geographic boundaries, 734-994-2040
Skyline: Reside within school geographic boundary and in-district open enrollment, 734-994-6515
Community: Selection by lottery, 734-994-2025
Stone Alternative: Selection by interview, 734-997-1237
Roberto Clemente Alternative: Selection by interview, 734-997-1236

Options Magnet

Students who enroll in more than three online only and/or Community Resource (CR) classes are a candidate to enroll in the Options Magnet. For more information, please contact 734-994-2026 or visit the Options Magnet site.