Allen Creek Watershed Project at Pioneer High School


The work on the Pioneer Watershed project continues. Recently an AAPS elementary classes from Bach School visited the site to learn about the historic headwaters of Allen Creek and how they move through the Pioneer property.

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Your Ann Arbor Public Schools are doing our part to protect the Huron River and Allen Creek! Under a partnership with the Water Resources Commissioner and the City of Ann Arbor, Pioneer High School will be the site of a new underground water treatment system that will clean pollutants from water on its way through Allen Creek to the Huron River.

Construction will begin this December in the lawn near Stadium Boulevard and South Main Street. The project involves digging down to the storm sewer, installing the system, replacing the soil and re‐seeding. The front lawn area shown in the attached graphic will be completely enclosed by an eight foot fence. Although most construction will conclude by August 2010, an area the size of a soccer field will be covered with stone for the first winter and then re‐seeded in spring 2011.

Once complete, the lawn area will look very much the same as it does today with the addition of a small retaining wall to help level the area for better play space for recreational activities. The diagonal walkway will be replaced, and a driveway will be added for football parking and maintenance. A plaza will be added on the corner of Stadium and South Main that will be finished in brick and include a water tolerant plant bed. Over 130 trees will be planted throughout the Pioneer High property following the path of an old creek channel – Allen Creek, and several interpretive signs will be installed.

The project will cost $3.1 million. Forty percent of the cost will come from the federal stimulus package. The remainder will be financed via a low interest loan from the Department of Environmental Quality. The Ann Arbor Public Schools is providing the land for the project, but no monetary contribution.

The treatment system will intercept stormwater and remove common pollutants before allowing water to flow toward the Huron River. Some water will remain to recharge the groundwater table. Pioneer staff has been engaged to help educate the students in class
about the reason for such stormwater projects,

If you have any questions, please contact: Harry Sheehan, 734-222‐6851,

Michael White
Pioneer Principal

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