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iMovie Class

Survey #1 (, 06-21-2009)
Take this survey at the beginning of week 1. Click Done at the bottom when you're done.

Survey #2 (, 06-25-2009)
Take this one at the end of class.

Teaching: Atomic Learning (, 06-21-2009)
This is your main source for video clips about iMovie. Log in with aapsForsytheMS and get the password from Mrs. I.

Teaching: (, 06-21-2009)
This is a pay site, but you can view a few of the video clips, most importantly about storyboarding and planning your video.

Teaching: iMovie Walkthrough (, 06-21-2009)
Here's a 12 page walkthrough similar to what we did on our first day of class.

Teaching: iMovie Tutorial (Apple) (, 06-21-2009)
This web site from Apple will walk you through the basic steps to create an iMovie.

Exercise 1: Apollo 11 (History Place) (, 06-21-2009)
This is a web site all about the Apollo 11 mission that landed on the moon. We will gather pictures from this web site for our first exercise.

Download Images: PicSearch (, 06-21-2009)
This is my web site of choice for still images. Always use the Advanced Search for best choices.

Downloading Video: United Streaming (, 06-21-2009)
The quality isn't the best, but this is a good source for longer video clips. Username is ForStudent and password is Think. Option-Click to download to desktop. Make sure you are set to use QuickTime clips.

Downloading Video: Stock Footage for Free (, 06-21-2009)
This web site has free video clips you can download to use in your project. Login and password are both "iMovie".

Converting Video: KeepVid (, 06-21-2009)
This web site lets you download YouTube and other streaming video onto your computer.

Sharing Video: YoMod (, 06-21-2009)
This web site lets upload finished video to the Web to share with the world, in a safe way.

Helper App: Perian (, 06-21-2009)
Download and install this if you are converting MPG, MP4, FLV or other file formats to DV.

HelperApp: MPEG Streamclip (, 06-25-2009)
Download this application to convert one kind of video file, including FLV (Flash/YouTube) files, into video that iMovie can use.

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