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Library Guidelines

It's Our Library!
The library is a place where all students can feel relaxed, safe and inspired. That means we need to take care of it!
  • If you find books on the floor, put them on the "lost book shelves" or on the shelving cart.
  • If you notice a damaged book, tell an adult or put it in the Book Hospital.
  • If you hear loud voices, show the Peace sign or give friendly reminders.
  • If you use something, put it away when you're done.


How many books can I check out?

  • Kindergarteners may check out one book each.
  • First and Second Graders may take two books.
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders may borrow three.


You may keep your books for one week. All library books are due the morning of your weekly library day. You may return your books early, any morning during the week and borrow new books.

If if you want to renew a book, return your book as usual, but put a RENEW! slip inside the book. Write your name and your teacher’s name on it. 

If you forget to bring your books back on library day, you may put a book on hold.  It will be saved for two days. If you forget again the following week, you may not check out any new books until you bring them all back.

If you lose or damage a book, you must pay for it before you may check out more books. Your librarian will tell you how much it costs. If you find a lost book after you’ve paid for it, you will get your money back. If a library book is lost for more than one month, we ask you to pay for it or return it.


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