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Michigan Industries (3rd)

Cherries (MDA) (,1607,7-125-1570_2468_2471-13553--,00.html, 03-23-2009)

Michigan in Brief ( (,1607,7-192-29938_30240_30250-56001--,00.html, 03-26-2009)
General facts about Michigan.

Tourism Facts ( (, 03-26-2009)
A list of facts about great things to do in Michigan.

Michigan Tourism (Travel Michigan) (, 03-26-2009)
More details & statistics about tourism.

Corn Fights Back (Michigan Corn Online) (, 03-26-2009)
Listen to 1 minute mp3 segments about Michigan corn growers talking about what corn is used for.

Growing Corn (MIKids) (,1607,7-163-15943_20529---,00.html, 03-26-2009)
A site for kids about how corn is grown.

Corn (MDA) (,1607,7-125-1570-12730--,00.html, 03-26-2009)
Facts about growing corn in Michigan.

Corn and Sugar Beets ( (, 03-26-2009)
A news article about record breaking crops in Michigan in 2008.

Maple Facts & Figures (MMSA) (, 03-26-2009)
Facts about maple syrup in Michigan.

Sticky Business: It's Time for Syrup (Traverse City Record Eagle) (, 03-26-2009)
An article from a newspaper about Michigan maple syrup production.

Louisiana Farm Bureau: Michigan Sugar Beets (YouTube) (, 03-26-2009)
A video about Michigan sugar beet production. (You will need help playing this video.)

Sweet Beets (America's Heartland) (, 03-26-2009)
An episode of a television program about how sugar beets are processed.

Michigan's Sugar Bowl (MDA) (,1607,7-125-1570_2468_2471_7390-79572--,00.html, 03-26-2009)
Facts about Michigan sugar beet growing.

Michigan Sugarbeet Info (MAES Research) (, 03-26-2009)
Picture tours of how sugar beets are grown and processed.

Our Heritage (Domino's Pizza) (, 03-26-2009)
The history of Domino's Pizza.

Domino's Pizza (Wikipedia) ('s_Pizza, 03-26-2009)
History and information about the Domino's Pizza chain.

Kellogg Company History ( (, 03-26-2009)
The history of the Kellogg corporation.

The Vernors Ginger Ale Story (Vernors History Club) (, 03-26-2009)
The history of the Vernors company.

Vernors (Wikipedia) (, 03-26-2009)
Information about the Vernors company.

Chrysler (Wikipedia) (, 03-26-2009)
Facts and history about the Chrysler corporation.

Chrysler ( (, 03-29-2009)
The home page of the Chrysler automobile company, showing recent models.

Michigan Automotive History: Ford (Absolute Michigan) (, 03-29-2009)
A summary and links to more history about the Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company Information ( (, 03-29-2009)
The Ford Motor Company home page.

Ford Motor Company (Wikipedia) (, 03-29-2009)
Information about Ford.

Mine Shafts of Michigan (MTU) (, 03-29-2009)
A history of the mine shafts in Michigan.

Mining in Michigan, 2005 ( (, 03-29-2009)
Statistics about how many mining companies there were in Michigan in 2005.

Mining in Michigan, 2007 (NMA) (, 03-29-2009)
Facts about mining in Michigan in 2007.

Michigan Reports and Statistics (USDA) (, 03-29-2009)
Searchable database of statistics of Michigan products.

Michigan's Wine Grape Acreage Continues to Grow (Michigan Wines) (, 03-29-2009)
A news article about growing grapes in Michigan.

Economic Impact of Michigan Grapes and Wine (Michigan Wines) (, 03-29-2009)
The report of a study on growing wine grapes in Michigan.

Growing Wine Grapes in Michigan (, 03-29-2009)
A short article on the benefits of growing wine grapes in Michigan and how to get started.

Amusement Park Rides (Joyrides) (, 04-20-2009)
Pictures of rides from parks all over the country.

Amusement Rides (Wikipedia) (, 04-20-2009)

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