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Burns Park Elementary School

Third and Fourth Grade links

Tumblebook Library (http://www.tumblebooks.com/library/auto_login.asp?U=annarbor&P=libra, 12-10-2008)
The TumbleBook Library is a collection of animated, talking picture books. These e-books are created from existing picture books and are a lot of fun to read, listen to, and watch.

Kids Astronomy (http://kidsastronomy.com/, 10-14-2011)
Astronomy for children, students, and kids of all ages. This astronomy resource is designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space.

Wordle (http://www.wordle.net/, 10-20-2009)
Wordle is a tool for generating “word clouds” or collages from text that you provide.

Free Rice (http://freerice.com, 02-13-2009)
Play and feed hungry people. For each vocabulary word you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations food program to help end hunger.

Wacky Web Tales (http://eduplace.com/tales/, 01-20-2009)
Fill in the parts of speech to create wacky stories.

ABC ya! Third Grade (http://www.abcya.com/third_grade_computers.htm, 10-03-2008)
Third grade fun and educational games

ABC ya! fourth grade (http://www.abcya.com/fourth_grade_computers.htm, 10-03-2008)
Fourth grade fun and educational games

Theme Poems (http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/theme_poems, 04-14-2014)

Make an Acrostic Poem (http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/acrostic/, 03-27-2011)
Use this site to write your very own acrostic poem.

Giggle Poetry (http://www.gigglepoetry.com/, 03-27-2011)
This site has hundreds of poems and fun poetry activities.

Game Goo (http://www.earobics.com/gamegoo/gooey.html, 02-13-2009)
Fun, stick-with-you educational games that develop reading and language skills.

Shel Silverstein (http://www.shelsilverstein.com/indexSite.html, 03-27-2011)
Explore the official Shel Silverstein website!

Orisinal (http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/, 02-13-2009)
Games with great music and graphics

Word Girl! (http://www.scholastic.com/wordgirl/games.htm, 02-13-2009)

Jigzone (http://www.jigzone.com/, 10-03-2008)
A large collection of interactive jigsaw puzzles. Users can select the image, number of pieces and shape of the pieces.

ALA Great Websites for Kids (http://gws.ala.org/, 10-03-2008)

BLS Career Information (http://www.bls.gov/k12/index.htm, 11-06-2008)
Explore career information with the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 2008-09

EcoKids (http://ecokids.ca/pub/games_activities/index.cfm, 03-30-2009)
Designed by Earth Day Canada, this site contains options on wildlife, climate change, energy, and more. Games include interactive selections, word puzzles, and quizzes.

Kids' Planet (http://www.kidsplanet.org/games/, 03-30-2009)
Created by Defenders of Wildlife, this site has learning games, advocacy activities, coloring pages and quick information.

Cool Math 4 Kids (http://www.coolmath4kids.com/, 06-15-2010)

Multiplication.com (http://multiplication.com/interactive_games.htm, 06-15-2010)
This site offers many interactive multiplication games.

Dance Mat Typing (http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/, 01-27-2011)
An introduction to touch typing by the BBC.

Four Seasons Webquest (http://people.emich.edu/shuehl/index.html, 11-11-2011)

Biographies: Factmonster (http://www.factmonster.com/people.html, 12-02-2011)

Biographies: USA for Kids (http://www.usconsulate.org.hk/pas/kids/americans1.htm, 12-02-2011)

Biographies: Eduplace (http://www.eduplace.com/kids/socsci/ca/books/bkc/biographies/index.html, 12-02-2011)

Biographies: ALA Great Websites for Kids (http://gws.ala.org/category/history-amp-biography/biographies, 12-02-2011)

Biographies: Scholastic Authors and Illustrators (http://www.scholastic.com/librarians/ab/biolist.htm, 12-02-2011)

Dihydrogen Monoxide (http://www.dhmo.org/, 04-12-2012)

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/, 04-12-2012)

Edmodo (https://www.edmodo.com/, 02-03-2014)
A free and secure learning network for teachers, students, and schools.

Hour of Code (https://code.org/learn, 12-05-2014)
The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Here are the tutorials.