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 Che' Carter, Principal

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Our Staff

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Abby Alwin Orchestra alwin
Phone: 994-1976 x31514

Andrea Badel Science/Math Lab badel
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31548

Paul Bailey Orchestra bailypl
Phone: 994-1976 x31514

Jacquie Baird Physical Education/Computers baird
Home Page
Phone: 994-1984 x31508

Linda Baskey Career Cruising/Math baskey
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31590

Marcia Boik krasko

Tanisha Brooks 7th TC brookst
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31535

Catherine Campbell Science/Math campbel1
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31504

Amy Caragay School Nurse caragay
Room: 118-E
Phone: 994-1976 x31500

Che Carter Principal carterc

Ben Darragh Speech Therapist darragh
Phone: 994-1976 x31594

Julie Donnelly ELA/SS donnelly
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31551

Mark Donnelly SS/LA donnellyma
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31574

Lynette Durbin durbinl
Phone: 31204

Keisha Ferguson ferguso1
Phone: 31576

Jessica Fleming American History/Computers flemingj
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31565

Jeff Gaynor Math/SS gaynor
Home Page
jeff605s.jpg Phone: 994-1976 x31562

Mr. Gaynor has been teaching since 1978, for 20 years as an Elementary School teacher, including 10 years at Bach Open, and since 1998 as a 6th grade Math, Social Studies and Language Arts teacher at Clague.  Born and raised in Detroit, he attended Cass Tech H.S., the University of Michigan for his B.A., and E.M.U. for his M.A.
Jeff has been selected to go on two Fulbright Hays Group Program Abroad month long teacher study tours – to Belize, in 2005, and to Turkey in 2009.  He has also given presentations at the state conferences for MCTM (Math), MCSS (Social Studies) and MACUL (Computers in Education).  Jeff served as Clague Webmaster, from 2000-2007.

Bruce Geffen Am. Hist./ELA geffen
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31567

Laura Hannaford Office Manager hannafor
Room: Main Office
Phone: 994-1976 x31200

Michael Harris Technology Education/Computers harrism1
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31524/31561

Ginny Hawkins Science hawkins
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31583

Judy Hayes Asst. Principal hayesj
Phone: 994-1976

Dianna Hochella World Drumming, Vocal Music hochelld
Phone: 994-1976 x31582

Joe Hoeflinger Science hoefling
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31507

Steve Hollis Algebra/Math Lab hollis
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31568

Ellen Hopkins Algebra hopkins
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31570

Kathryn Houser Tech Support houser
Home Page

Laura Jender ELA/RAC/SS jender
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31566

Kirsten Jensen ELA/American History jensen
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31563

Bill Johnson Counselor johnsonw
Home Page
johnson.jpg Phone: 994-1976 x31210

Rubina Kakwan kakwan
Phone: 994-1976 x31230

Deborah Katz katz
Phone: 994-1976 x31581

Kelly Lamberjack Math lamberja
Phone: 994-1976 x31585

Ping Ping Liu Chinese liu
Phone: 994-1976 x31506

Colette Logan ESL logan
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31564

Jay MacArthur Band macarthj
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31581

Jane Maeroff Office Professional maeroffj
Room: Counseling Center
Phone: 994-1980 x31550

Judy Malley Read 180/ELA malley
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31550

Kathy Moran Counselor moran
Home Page
moran.jpg Phone: 994-1976 x31209

Soon Lee Morningstar Science morningstar
Home Page
hotalin.jpg Phone: 994-1976 x31584

Deborah Mullice Physical Education/Strategies mulliced
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31518

Cathy Murphy Phychologist murphyc
Phone: 994-1976 x31515

Karma Nordstrom ELA nordstrom
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976

Kay Pentzien Art pentzien
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31569

Nancy Polmear School Nurse polmear
Phone: 994-1976 x31500

Amy Porter portera
Phone: 994-1976 x31561

Jennifer Quint French quintj
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31561/31575

Laura Reiher Spanish/Yearbook reiherl
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31577

Michelle Rodriguez Media Specialist rodrigu1
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31505

Kathy Rye ELA/Spanish ryek
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31579

Raleigh Sadlier sadlier
Phone: 994-1976 x31578

Claudia Siewert Counselor siewert
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31211

Quinn Strassel strassel
Phone: 994-1976 x31576

Jeff Taylor Science/Math taylorje
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x31502

Tivon Thurman Resource Room/Math thurman
Phone: 994-1976 x31554

Angela Warr warra

MaryEllen Wible wible
Home Page
wible.jpg Phone: 994-1976 x31506

I have been a teacher at Clague Middle School since 1996.  I  have taught 6th Grade Science, Math, Reading, World Geography and Computer Essentials, ESL to 6th, 7th and 8th graders, and Computer Applications and Health to 7th graders.   I have a BA degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Bilingual-Bicultural Education. My husband is a banker in Ann Arbor and we love to travel. We lived in Mexico City, Mexico for a couple years while our children were young. Our son, David, is a banker in Detroit,  our daughter Anne Marie works in marketing and logistics for American Greetings in Columbus and our daughter Catherine is a  teacher in Florida. I love teaching and look forward to meeting new students each year.

Aaron Wiens LA/SS wiensa
Home Page
Phone: 994-1976 x 31560
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