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Current Wednesday Packet Letter

  • May 24th, 2017


    Dear A2O Families,

    We are fully engaged in end-of-year activities, warmer weather, overnights, Chicago trips, planning for events, preparing for Ice Cream Social, Field Day and the excitement of the end of the school year is becoming palpable. With all of this energy and excitement it is sometimes difficult to remember that we are continuing with important school work and have many goals and objectives to accomplish in the few short weeks remaining. With this in mind, please help us to keep our classrooms as focused as possible. Specifically, please help students make good choices about what things are best left at home and what items are likely to become distractions to themselves and others. As an example, with the burgeoning popularity of fidget spinners and similar items, a disproportionate amount of time and energy is being consumed by dealing with broken and lost spinners, mediating disagreements about who’s turn it is to use the items, and teachers attempting to refocus students on class activities instead of engaging with the fidget toys. We appreciate your support at home in helping all of us to have a productive and successful end of a great school year.


    As you are likely already aware it is a major year for retirees at Ann Arbor Open. Please bring your memories, photos, and notes for our retirees to this year’s Ice Cream Social. We are looking forward to celebrating the memories and accomplishments of our soon-to-be retired community members. With so many years of experience and so many connections it will be a fun and entertaining way to share with each other and celebrate these VIPs!


    Warm regards,

    Meg & Chris, A2O principals