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    Course Selections for 2017-2018

    Recently Heather Schimmel, Lead Counselor, and Cheryl Haller, Skyline High School Career Advisor, presented to the PTSO on "How To Talk To Your Kids About Careers." Please click HERE to view the slideshow.

    Have you ever wondered what your counselor can do for you? Do you need help with classes, social supports or just need to talk? Take a look at our Why Counseling flyer to see all the services we provide, how to get in touch with your counselor as well as tutoring opportunities that are available to you.

    Why Counseling?

    Looking to get involved with the many support groups that are offered through the Counseling department. Click the link below to see the many ways we can help. Look at our list below for all of our counseling groups. If you have questions about how to get connected with a specific support group, see your counselor.


    Counseling Groups

    Club 6, Cognative-Behavioral Therapy, Women of Tomorrow, Leaders of Today & Tomorrow, Grief & Loss Group, SkySquad, Peer-to-Peer and Depression Group.


    Pledge Club                  Grief Group



School Counselors

Brunzell Dennis Brunzell
734-994-6515 ext. 55303
Students A-De

Freda Didlake 
734-994-6515 ext. 55319
Students Di-H
Heather Schimmel
734-994-6515 ext. 55302
Students I-Mi
Jacinta Nafziger
734-994-6515 ext. 55412
Students Mo-Sh
Graham Ben Graham
734-994-6515 ext. 55403
Students Si-Z
Amy McLoughlin
734-994-6515 ext. 55404
9th graders as assigned
 Mrs. Haller
Cheryl Haller
College & Career Center (CUBE) Coordinator
734-994-6515 ext. 55334