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Forsythe Middle School

Student Dress Code

The AAPS Middle School Student Dress Code is in place to support a positive, safe, and respectful learning environment for all students. While students often express themselves in the way they dress, it is important that students wear clothing that is respectful and appropriate for a middle school setting.

Parents may use the following as a guide to support students in dressing appropriately during the school day:

·      Clothing may not depict or advertise weapons, alcohol, drugs,  drug paraphernalia, obscene language or images, or threats. 

·       Clothing should cover chest, below the armpits, midriff, and undergarments. Muscle shirts, spaghetti strap, backless, racerback, halter, and strapless tops should not be worn to school. Shoulder straps are to be at least two (2) inches wide. 

·       Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be mid-thigh length and waistband should not fall below the hips. Leggings, jeggings and yoga pants are permissible if worn with a top that covers the student’s bottom, shorts, skirt or dress, which should be mid-thigh length. Clothing may not be see-through.

·       Pajamas and slippers may not be worn.

·       No headgear may be worn during the school day, including bandanas, sweatshirt hoods, and hats. Students may wear headgear for religious or medical reasons.

Students who violate the student dress code will be offered the following options before being permitted to attend classes:

1)     Change clothes

2)     Contact a parent to bring a change of clothes to the school.

Students will be addressed in a respectfull manner concerning dress code violation. Students will be given a pass and permitted to return to class after changing clothes.