Wines Elementary

Ann Arbor Public Schools

  Fantasy and Fantasy Adventure Books
 Lucius:  Fablehaven
  Aliya:  Things Not Seen
 Scarlett:  The Giver
  Arya:  Fablehaven
 Evers:  Eragon
   Alex:  Percy Jackson
 Ian:  Fablehaven
   Finn:  The Keepers
Owen:  Hollow Earth
   Aurora:  The Girl Who Could Fly
Mara:   Land of Stories

Adam:  Zodiac Legacy

 JacksonA:  Beyonders
 Lance:  Found
 Josh:  Ranger's Apprentice
 Freya:  The Quest for the Diamond Sword
 Zane:  Mortality Doctrine
  Daniel:  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
 Maja:  The Wind in the Willows
 Christian:  Fablehaven
 Luka:  Bone
 Colin:  Amulet
 Kaleb:  Amulet
 Grace C:  Land of Stories
 Christopher:  Ranger's Apprentice
  JacksonT:  Found
 Graciella:  Farwalkers Quest
 Kohtaro:  Serpent's Shadow
 Paulo:  Percy Jackson and the Olympians
 Amelia:  Harry Potter Series
 Mina:  Harry Potter series
 Lucy:  Hunger Games
 Harper:  The Witches
  Jillian:  The BFG