Thurston Elementary

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Name Position Room Number Email Address Phone Extension 994-1970
York, Natasha Principal Office 29202
Riley, Debbie Administrative Assistant Office 29200
Schmitzerle, Evon Teacher Clerk Office 29201
Gooding-Geidner, Ann Preschool P-2 71243
Anderson, Jessica Kindergarten K-1 29423
Dorsey, Michelle Kindergarten P-1 29401
Merritt, Brandy (long term sub for Ms. Stewart) Kindergarten 10 29410
Moon, Heather First Grade 9 29436
Salm, Jenna First Grade 8 29407
Vanderhoff, Julie First Grade 7 29430
Yip, Chi Wan First Grade K-2 29420
Demps, Erinn Second Grade 2 29438
Dey, Allie Second Grade 1 29411
Seavitt, Christine Second Grade 6 29418
Krebsbach, Pete Third Grade 3 29424
Muglia, Sylvia Third Grade 5 29435
Parent, Saul Third Grade 4 29432
Leidy, John Fourth Grade 28 29431
McNutt, Lori Fourth Grade 26 29428
Scovone, Allison Fourth Grade 23 29425
Fisher, Dave Fifth Grade 24 29409
Lauerman, Amy Fifth Grade 27 29437
Steinhauer, Kelly Fifth Grade 25 29440
Rothfeld, Yael Vocal Music Music 29446
Dihle, Amanda Vocal Music 21 29404
Wyse, Amanda Art Art 29442
Fisher, John Physical Education Gym 29444
Burau, Sharyl Media Center Media Center 29402
Crowell, Krsti Instrumental Music
Katz, Deb Instrumental Music MPR
Yuan, Lidong Mandarin Chinese 21 29404
Manthey, Mary Project Lead the Way 29412
Lee, Merrellyn Resource Room SISS 29408
Szczygiel, Meg Resource Room SISS 29408
Taylor, Jane English as a Second Language ESL 29403
Taylor, Rachel Reading Intervention RI 29445
McClure, Eric Social Worker 20
Siefert, Krista Psychologist SISS 29427
Shelley, Katelyn Occupational Therapist SISS 29427
Edwards, Deon Speech and Language SISS 29427
Hallstrom, Kirsten Physical Therapist SISS
Dye, Robin Teacher Assistant
Evans-Anderson, Ro Teacher Assistant
McGowan, Kelly Teacher Assistant
Mortensen, Mary Teacher Assistant
Morton, Deb Teacher Assistant
Sprau, Claire Teacher Assistant
Wilson, Sue Teacher Assistant
Burdick, Ann Nurse Office 29400
Politis, Ted Technical Assistant