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ANIMAL ADVOCATES – The purpose of the club is to help animals and raise awareness of animal abuse or abandonment. The club will support the Human Society through services, fundraising and awareness. [Ms. King-Freyre]
ANIME – Meets to watch, discuss & react to showings of Anime. [Ms. Colby]

ART – All artistic abilities welcomed to express themselves. [Mr. Smigell]

ASIAN PACIFIC EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGE (APEX) – Learn about different cultures & have lots of fun at the same time. [Ms. Kim]

BLACK STUDENT UNION (BSU) – Encourages members to excel both academically & behaviorally. [Ms. Barfield/Mr. Wright]
BOOK CLUBLUNCHTIME – Join students every week to read and discuss books while eating lunch. [Ms. Colby]

BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA (BPA) - Competes in demonstrations of their business technology skills, develop professional & leadership skills, network with one another & professionals across the nation. [Ms. Garrett/Ms. Eisley]
CHALLENGE DAY BE THE CHANGE – [Ms. Nunlee/Ms. Reinhardt/Ms. Hibbs]

CHESS - All interested chess players of all levels. [Mr. Long]

CHINESE - The Chinese Club is to promote the study of Mandarin Chinese and explore Chinese culture. Also to support the Chinese exchange program. [Ms. Wu] 

CLASS OF 2017 EXEC BOARD - Students will get to help plan events for their class including: homecoming, dances, school sponsored events, community service, fundraising and more. [Ms. Boland] 
CLASS OF 2018 EXEC BOARD - Students will get to help plan events for their class including: homecoming, dances, school sponsored events, community service, fundraising and more. [Mr. Wright]
CLASS OF 2019 EXEC BOARD - Students will get to help plan events for their class including: homecoming, dances, school sponsored events, community service, fundraising and more. [Ms. Badalamente]
CLASS OF 2020 EXEC BOARD - Students will get to help plan events for their class including: homecoming, dances, school sponsored events, community service, fundraising and more. [Ms. Glinski]
COMMUNITY COALITION (H2A2C3) - The Huron High Ann Arbor Campus Community Coalition promotes the health and wellness through a lifestyle free from abuse of alcohol and other drugs.  Offers support and positive role models who may be struggling with these issues.  Members commit to being drug/alcohol free. [Ms. Nunlee/Ms. Reinhardt]

COMPUTER ANIMATION - To teach students basics of computer animation on different software and video editing. Our aim is to build more widespread interest in animating and video editing and for students to have fun with it. [Ms. Ramadoss] 
COMPUTER SCIENCE – Promote interests and skills of computer science and STEM related subgroups, including: eSports League of Legends, Vex Robotics, Android App Writing, Video Game Design, Computing Competition Prep & Participation, Language, Community Outreach Activities, and more. [Mr. Behmer]
DATA SCIENCE - To promote interest in Data Science and provide an opportunity for students to harness the power of data in whatever career they choose. Its mission is to educate, stimulate, and empower students to utilize data science to address the challenges of humanity. [Ms. Warsinske/Mr. Hemingway]
DEBATE - To practice organized debate. Topics are chosen by a national counsel and students research and debate topics all across the state. The mission of this club is to better oneself through engaging in organized debate. [Mr. Huttenga] 
DESTINATION IMAGINATION – To inspire and equip students to become innovators and leaders. [Ms. Wilkening]
DISC GOLF – Provide leisurely setting allowing all students to participate in the development of disc golf in our community. [Mr. A.Collins]
DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB OF AMERICA (DECA) - A national student organization that offers opportunities to develop career interests.  [Mr. Hunter]
DRONE - Students will learn the components of drones, how to build them, and how to fly them. The club's mission is to inspire students to design, build, and fly unmanned aerial vehicles. [Mr. Cupit] 
EMERY (Newspaper) -  is a printed publication produced for and by the students of Huron High School. It will provide the student body with information pertinent to events, activities and issues that affect HHS students. Students are recommended to be enrolled in or have already taken a journalism course to participate. [Ms. Badalamente]
ENTHYMION (Yearbook) - The Huron High School yearbook is produced by students in the yearbook publications class. Students take their own pictures, write their own stories and design the layouts for the book. It is reccomended that you take Journalism I and/or II before signing up for this class. [Ms. Badalamente]
ETHICS BOWL TEAM - Participation offers students a unique opportunity to learn new approaches to research, analysis, and public speaking, and to be able to study and discuss the most challenging ethical issues of our time. Sessions are coached by UM Philosophy Grad students. We participate in the Ann Arbor Ethics Bowl every February and hope this year to win an opportunity to participate in the national bowl in North Carolina! [Ms. Warren/Ms. Jones]

FAMILY CAREER CONSUMERS LEADERS OF AMERICA (FCCLA) – Explore & build opportunities within Family Consumers Science. [Ms. Mohlman]

FANTASY FOOTBALL – Provide a fun opportunity for students to participate in and teach valuable lessons such as budget balancing, professional team management, and competitive strategy. [Mr. Sumerton]

FASHION – Aspiring designers & future fashion industry trendsetters. [Mr. Wright]

FINANCIAL LITERACY – To gain the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage our financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial security and stability; to pass this information on through the education of others. [Mr. Huttenga]
FRENCH – Enrich students with francophone culture and way of life. [Ms. Karpiuk]

GAME – Recreational fun and chance to bond with other students other than being in the normal classroom.  The club will promote problem solving through play, creation and strategy of games. [Mr. Hemingway]

GENETICS IN DISEASES & SYNDROMES (GIDAS) – Learn affects of biological/psychological aspects on individuals. [Ms. Wilkening]
GERMAN– Expand enrichment in German Language. [Mr. Smith]
HURON E-SPORTS - Opportunity to pursue excellence in electronic sports. [Mr. Sumerton]
HURON GREEN TEAM – Advise how to be eco-friendly to improve environment locally. [Ms. Wilkening]

HURON HOOP TROOP/FLOWS – Fun, creative performance art. [Ms. Watson]
HURON HUMANITARIAN AID - Raise awareness and funds for children around the world. [Ms. Ghawi]
HURON PLAYERS – Theater Performance Group. [Mr. Stringer]
HURON SCIENCE BOWL – [Ms. Wilkening]
INDIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION (ISA) - Helps people learn about the Indian heritage. [Ms. Wilkening]

INTERACT - A student service organization affiliated with Rotary. [Ms. Warren]

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP – Help form international friendships through student-centered activities. [Ms. Boles]

JEWISH STUDENT UNION (JSU) – Discuss views on various issues facing Judaism. [TBA]
JUNIOR STATE OF AMERICA (JSA) – Get young people educated and engaged in politics. The mission is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. [Mr. Tucker]

KEY CLUB- Volunteer organization that accepts all students as members. Meets every other week at lunchtime. [Ms. Nunlee/Ms. Reinhardt]

LA RAZA - A national culture & awareness raising club of the Spanish/Latino American community in the USA & abroad. [TBA]

LATINO STUDENT UNION (LSU) – Promote an environment where students can learn, study, and discuss issues relative to both their lives and to the Latin American community as a whole. [TBA]

LINGUISTICS OLYMPIAD - Explore the study of linguistics by solving language-based logic puzzles. [Mr. P Collins]
LINK CREW - Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, Link Crew leaders mentor freshmen in the transition from middle to high school. [Ms. Kunselman/Ms. Colby/Ms. Whybark]
MEDICAL SCIENCE – Provide a forum that students can exchange & learn information regarding medical fields. [Ms. Boland]
MOCK TRIAL - Research various cases and simulate the trial process in a competitive way. [Mr. Face]
MODEL UNITED NATIONS (MUN) – Academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy & the United Nations agenda. [Ms. Warren]

MU ALPHA THETA – Promote understanding of mathematics among high school students. [Mr. Eliason/Mr. P. Collins]

MURAL PAINTING - Beautification of the Ann Arbor area advocating for positive change. The mission will be to paint murals about the world for the world. [Ms. Hale]
MUSLIM STUDENT UNION (MSU) – Merging the “gap” between Muslins & non-Muslims. [Ms. King-Freyre]

NATIONAL ADVANCEMENT FOR THE ASSOCIATION OF COLORED PEOPLE (NAACP) - To train & develop students in leadership & activism mobilization, & community education activities. [TBA]

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (NHS) - Members are eligible for selection based on their mid-year GPA during their Sophomore & Junior years. Final selection is based on service, leadership, character, & scholarship. [Ms. Roldan-Dodson]
OCEAN BOWL – To learn about the worlds’ ocean & freshwater ecology, chemistry, biology, geology & policies. [Ms. Benton]

PERSIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION -  Huron's Persian Student Association's mission is to promote and celebrate the Persian culture and heritage of Iran in our school.  The purpose of the club is to unite not only Persian students, but anyone who is interested in learning about the culture an country of Iran. [Mr. Tucker]
POETRY - To establish Huron’s own Poetry Slam Team, & get more students writing poetry for pleasure. [Ms. Eberts]

PROSE AND CREATIVE COMPOSITION - To improve the creative literary skills of students in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We seek to explore writing community. [Mr. Erickson]
QUEER STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (QSA) - Provide a safe environment where gay & straight students can socialize & discuss sexuality & gender as they have to deal with it in the world today. [Ms. Kubacki]

RED CROSS – Humanitarian organization led by volunteers & guided by the American Red Cross local chapter. [Ms. Boles]
RIVER RAT PROGRAMMERS -  To teach students how to use MIT app inventor and get them involved and interested in programming. The mission is to encourage and interest people in programming. [Ms. Ramadoss]
ROBOTICS – Robotics competitions - works with the engineering students at University of Michigan. [Mr. Damron]

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD - Devoted to fostering a passion for learning science & to improving the quality of science education. The focal point of the club is preparing for rigorous, academic competitions that consist of a series of individual & team events covering all of the major science disciplines. [Mr. Russell]

SENIOR VOICES – Seniors help inspire & educate incoming freshman & underclassmen. [Mr. Wright]

SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS AND PREVENTION - Student-run organization dedicated to raise public awareness about sexual assault and harassment and to educate students on the prevention of sexual assault. [Ms. Wright] 
SPORTS MEDICINE JOURNAL – Read, discuss & debate articles & research. Topics will vary across the board on Health & Medicine to biomechanics of Human performances. [Mr. Whiren]
STUDENT ADVOCATES of GENDER EQUALITY (SAGE) - To educate and promote gender equality and to advocate, support, and educate others about the lack and necessity of gender equality. [Mr. Huttenga]
STUDENT COUNCIL - It represents the interests of the student body in all matters affecting them by listening to all voices that are expressed. It also celebrates the cultural diversity within the school through student-led activities. [Mr. Stewart]

SUPPORTERS - To bring students together, sharing life stories, and to make students feel more positive and comfortable. We want to help students in need when they need someone to talk to and spread positivity. [Ms. Colby]
TED THINKERS (Technology, Entertainment, Design) – To encourage members to think creatively and innovatively by preparing and giving mini-presentations. [Mr. Tucker]

UNIFIED CHAMPION SCHOOLS - (formerly Special Olympics Project UNIFY®) is an education-based project that uses sports & education programs to activate young people to develop school communities where all youth are agents of change – fostering respect, dignity & advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities. [Ms. Barfield/Ms. Cullip]
WORLD CULTURE - To promote cultural exchange and understanding through sharing ideas, perspectives and information on our native heritage and practicing and learning about other languages. This club will give students the opportunity to share and learn about multiple cultures and languages of the world and  to learn about differences and become global citizens. [Ms. Clyne]
WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (WISE) - Expose and educate young women to STEM topics outside of the general and well known fields. [Ms. Marchionna]
WORLD NEWS AND POLITICS - Discuss world news and politics. [Mr. Hunter]
YOUNG LIFE - Offers high school students a chance to get to know university students from UofM & EMU; they study together, do fun stuff together, & eat donuts Friday mornings. [Mr. Smith]

YOUNG DEMOCRATS - Students develop their own political identity and discuss present and relevent social and political issues. [Mr. Face]
YOUNG MUSICIANS MENTORS ALLIANCE (YMMA) - Encourages Concert and Symphony Orchestra members to mentor and serve as role models for middle school orchestra students. [Mr. Krohn]
YOUNG REPUBLICANS - To promote political activity & fellowship between Huron’s Republican youth. [TBA]
YOUTH IMPACT - A club that coordinates events, fundraisers, and spreads awareness for different unique causes. The mission is to increase knowledge, expand awareness, and financially assist people, groups, and organizations providing aid domestically and internationally. [Mr. Face/Ms. Sorenson]