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Spring EXPO 2017


2015-2016 Expos 

The A2 STEAM Expos serve to celebrate, communicate, and share the exciting work our students are doing through project-based learning. 

Spring 2016 Expo

STEAM Families, please mark your calendars! Spring Expo for the 2015-2016 school year will take place on Thursday, March 31st from 5:30-7pm. 



Driving/Guiding Question


How do plants and animals make sure they have what they need to survive?

1st Grade

How can we, as astronomers and engineers, build a structure to protect us from the sun?

2nd Grade

As museum curators, how can we learn about, preserve, and present the history of an Ann Arbor Community Helper?

3rd Grade

Should wind turbines be moved away from migratory flyways?

4th Grade

How can we prevent the negative effects of weathering and erosion on our landscape?

5th Grade

How can we engineer, design, and build a coop to raise healthy chickens at A2 STEAM?

How can we as conservationists, conduct investigations and problem solve how to facilitate salmon becoming more successful in southeast michigan?

6th Grade

How can we learn from past energy use to mitigate and adapt our energy consumption to ensure sustainable energy use in the future?

7th Grade

How has sugar changed the world?


Fall 2015 Expo

STEAM Families, please mark your calendars! Fall Expo for the 2015-2016 school year will take place on Wednesday, November 18 from 4:30-7pm. More details to come!



2014-2015 Expos 

March 2015 Expo

View the trailer below to get a taste for what you'll see at the Expo! You can see the Expo 2 schedule below.


Tuesday, March 31st    




5:00 (Class Session 1)
5:20 (Class Session 2)
5:40 (Marquee Time A)
6:00 (Marquee Time B)
6:20 (Class Session 3)
6:40 (Class Session 4)


K - Building a community 
1 - Past, Present and Future of Schools
2 - Biographies and Character Traits 
3 - Wolves in Michigan 
4 - Take a Trip around the USA
5 - James, George and Tom! The American Revolution 
6 - Earthquakes and Natural Disasters 


Pizza Pick-Up will happen from 5:40-6:20 in MPR.  Pizzas will be pre-sold ONLY.  Pre-sale will start this week and forms due by 3/27.  Cost TBA


Nice pants, shirt with a collar.


Parking will be limited.  Please plan to park in the neighborhood (churches) and walk over.  Front and Back doors will be open.

Bethel AME church parking lot on the corner of John A Woods Dr. and Traver
Street parking on Taylor St.
Street parking on Pear St. between John A Woods Dr. and Taylor St.
Street parking on Traver Rd, by the corner of Traver Rd and Barton Drive.
Street parking on Starwick Drive


November 2014 Expo

You can view the trailer below to see some of what we showed at the November 2014 Expo!


Some classrooms, such as Kindergarten and 1st grade, will be using the Aurasma app to showcase their work. To see the work they're doing, download the free app to your smartphone or tablet!