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 Dr. Janet Schwamb, Principal

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August 2013 

Dear Forsythe Families, 

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! The number of students who attend Forsythe Middle School continues togrow. This year, Forsythe has approximately 690 students in grades six, seven, and eight. Our middle school staff iscommitted to the philosophy of middle level education, and to providing your child with a positive, productive,middle school experience.

All students take four core academic classes each day, which include Math, Social Studies, English Language Arts,and Science. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders also have two elective hours each day. A variety of elective classes areoffered in the areas of Music (Band, Orchestra and Choir), Art, Computers, Technology, World Languages (Spanish,and French), Physical Education, and Performing Arts. Students select their electives in the early spring for thefollowing year.   We also provide support classes for struggling learners who are experiencing academic difficulties.These classes provide students with organizational strategies and additional opportunities to work on short term andlong-term assignments, as well as receive re-teaching of Math concepts from certified Math teachers. Strugglingreaders are supported with READ 180 classes. A highly effective ninety-minute class, students in READ 180 areprovided with the building blocks of effective reading, allowing them to experience reading success. Additionally, ourspecial education program offers a full range of services supporting students with many types of disabilities in theleast restrictive environment.   This year, due to budget cuts, our counselor staff has been reduced from threecounselors to two and a half. We are in the process of reconfiguring counselor assignments and will communicatethose assignments to you. 

We also offer a variety of after school co-curricular and sports activities. Due to budget reductions, activity latebuses will no longer be provided. Student staying after school in supervised activities will need to arrange their owntransportation home. I encourage students to become involved at Forsythe Middle School. Please check our web siteand school calendar regularly for scheduled events and activities. I hope you will join us for many of our plannedevents during the year.

I also encourage you to communicate with your child’s teachers. PowerSchool is a valuable tool for students andparents. Students are provided with login information on their school schedule. Through PowerSchool, you can viewyour son or daughter’s grades and pre-posted assignments. I encourage you to check it often, as teachers frequentlyupdate the information. Your feedback is important to us and we will assist you in any way that we can.  This year, Ihave again scheduled monthly informal coffee/conversation hours with the Principal. These times will give you anopportunity to provide parental feedback. Dates and times of Parent /Principal Coffee Hours are on our schoolcalendar on our website.  I hope you will stop by each month.    

At Forsythe Middle School, interacting in a respectful manner is an expectation for everyone. I ask that students treateveryone, as they would like to be treated, respecting others and their personal belongings. We are continuing ourPositive Behavior Support Program, with the expectations of being Prompt, Prepared, Polite, and Productive, and our student Honor Level system. These programs provide an integrated system of school wide,classroom management, and individual student support to improve behavioral outcomes and ongoing monitoring andrecognition of students’ good behavior.    

I am delighted that your child is attending our school. It is an honor to begin my ninth year as Principal of ForsytheMiddle School. If I can assist you in any way please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working togetherwith you and your child during this school year. 




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