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Personal Narrative (non-fiction)

Our list about Personal Narratives (ourpnlist.pdf, 62.0 kb, 10-21-2011)

P.N. Checklist (p.n.checklist.pdf, 63.0 kb, 11-20-2009)
This is the main checklist we are using to aid in the development of our first drafts.

P.N. Storyboard (p.n.-storyboard.cwk__dr__copy.pdf, 28.0 kb, 11-07-2008)
We use this graphic organizer to help us think about the beginning, middle, and end of our stories.

P.N. Story Parts Web (p.n.-web.cwk__dr__copy.pdf, 29.0 kb, 11-07-2008)
We use this graphic organizer to assist us in thinking through the essential story parts (setting, character, problem, solution).

Personal Narrative example: Crawling on the Water (crawling_on_the_water.pdf, 26.0 kb, 11-03-2008)

P.N. example: Chased by a Dog (p.n.-chased_by_a_dog.pdf, 22.0 kb, 11-03-2008)

P.N. example: Broken Hand (p.n.-when_i_broke_my_hand.pdf, 24.0 kb, 11-03-2008)

A.A.P.S. Student P.N. Rubric (student_checklist_pn_3rd.doc, 58.0 kb, 11-07-2008)
This is the Ann Arbor P.S. student P.N. rubric.

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