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 3550 Pittsview
 Ann Arbor, MI  48108
 Kevin Karr, Principal
Mitchell Extras
(What Sets Us Apart)

NASA Explorer School
Paired with Scarlett Middle School, Mitchell began this partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 2004.  It has afforded us lots of opportunities to participate in activities and events that promote the areas of science, technology, math, and geography for our students.  Click HERE for more information about the NASA Explorer School program.

All Day Kindergarten
Mitchell is proud to offer two all-day kindergarten classrooms.

GLOBE Certified
In addition to being a NASA Explorer School, Mitchell has the distinction of being a GLOBE certified school as well.  "GLOBE" stands for "Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment."  The program involves collecting information in a very precise way about our local soil conditions, land cover (bushes, trees, fields, etc), atmosphere (weather), and water conditions.  This information is uploaded to the GLOBE website and is then available for scientists and researchers worldwide to use and analyze.  Currently, there are four GLOBE certified teachers on staff here.  Click HERE for more information about the GLOBE program.

Official Michigan Green School
Just in time for Earth Day, 2008 we were named one of Michigan's official "Green Schools."  We're committed to informing our students about issues that affect our environment and exploring ways to make our planet's resources last long into the future.  Click HERE for more information.

Grade Level Performances
Every classroom takes part in a musical production throughout the course of the school year.  Every effort is made to connect the content of these performances to grade level curriculum.  Every student is given the opportunity and encouraged to have a speaking role in these performances.

Video Conferencing
Housed at Scarlett Middle School, our video conferencing equipment allows our students to interract with educational programs from all over the country.  Students discuss topics in real time with experts about that particular topic.  Most programs involve: 1) pre-conference activities to prepare students; 2) the conference itself, which usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and; 3) post-conference activities.  The video conferencing equipment was purchased with funds provided by our NASA partnership.

Annual Science Fair
It gets bigger and better every year!

S'COOL Certified
"S'COOL" stands for "Students' Cloud Observations On Line."  Similar to the GLOBE program, students collect information on a daily basis about the clouds over Mitchell and report this information to the S'COOL website.  Observations are made within 15 minutes of specific satellites passing overhead so comparisons can be made between what is seen from space and what we see from the ground.

Scarlett/Scarlett Woods
Mitchell is fortunate in our proximity to Scarlett Middle School as well as to the sizeable woods behind Scarlett.  There are frequent opportunities to visit Scarlett woods during the school year.  Students come to regard this piece of land as our little treasure, something to be cared for and nurtured.  As our NASA Explorer School partner, Scarlett Middle School offers us opportunities to use a variety of their facilities as well, including the video conferencing lab and sets of GPS's (Global Positioning System units).  Several Scarlett students help out in Mitchell classrooms after the middle school dismisses for the day.

Weatherhawk Weatherstation
Funds from our NASA Explorer School partnership were used to purchase this state-of-the-art weather station which is housed on Mitchell's roof.  Weather data is displayed in real time to a web page in the district.  Several schools on our side of town display this page as part of their building website.  For current weather, click HERE
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