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Welcome Back, Allen Elementary

Allen marquee Hello Allen Students, Staff, Parents & Community,
On August 18, 2016, a day we remember very well, the Allen staff, students, parents, and community experienced a most shocking and unsettling event, the catastrophic Allen flood.
And here we are, 236 days later, reopening the doors of Allen Elementary School, returning our students and staff, parents and community back home to a beautiful, restored Allen Elementary.
Truly, it is a great day in the Ann Arbor Public Schools!
Thank You, Allen Community, for all your incredibly hard work as a team to move through these 236 challenging days together.
You have demonstrated for our students the 'life lessons' of navigating difficult circumstances that are beyond our control, overcoming extreme challenges, and building team throughout the process. You have shown everyone the importance of a positive attitude in overcoming the obstacles we face together.
Many thanks, also, to other hardworking individuals - our AAPS team members and partners too numerous to list - who invested of themselves to support this process and to make sure that we completed the restoration project on time and under budget - a beautiful Allen Elementary. We are forever grateful for your support as well and know that we would not have achieved this goal today without your excellent work.
Congratulations, Allen Community, and thank you for continuing as the very special community that you are, a beautiful place for our children to learn and grow.
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#A2gether for Allen,
Jeanice Swift