Community High School

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Jazz students win awards

Congratulations to our Community Jazz students who won awards at the 37th Annual Western Invitational Jazz Festival!

Top Soloist Award (entire festival's combo competition): Patrick Kollman and Danny Freiband (co-winners)

Top Combo of Festival (performed in evening concert): Community High's Cold Tone Dreamery (Patrick Kollman, Danny Freiband, Clarence Collins III, Harry Croley, Mason Cox)

Outstanding Combos named:
    •Community High's Noize R Us (Mei Semones, Aris Chalin, Tim Walters, Joel Appel-Kraut)
    •Community High's Five Guys, Burners in Ties (Lucas Atkinsmith, Sam Uribe, Jesse Edelstein, Jonah Eichner, Terrence Vick)

Outstanding Soloist Awards: Mei Semones, Joel Appel-Kraut, Harry Croley, Mason Cox, Clarence Collins,  Lucas Atkinsmith, Jonah Eichner, Ethan Kahana, Ethan Sayer, Emmett Huhn, Tim Kohn