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Homecoming 2022

Homecoming Dance Information - Disco Fever!

Our homecoming theme this year is "Disco Fever!"

Homecoming 2022 Disco Fever Flyer

The Homecoming Dance will take place on the football field on Saturday, October 8th from 8-11pm.  

Student Tickets are $32.50 ($2.50 service fee included in ticket price) and are available for purchase here: Disco Fever - Huron Homecoming 2022


Guest Passes:

1 guest per Huron student will be allowed at homecoming.  Guest pass forms are available in the 11th and 12th-grade office and   GUEST PASS LINK   These forms will need to be returned by October 6, 2022.  NO LATE GUEST PASSES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  


Social Distancing Reminders:

  1. All participants should space out more than they typically do. 

  2. In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, the health and safety of our students and all in attendance at today's/tonight's event is our top priority. With the COVID rate in our county transmission at a high level, we are encouraging all participants to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. 

  3. We want our attendees to enjoy today/tonight’s event but we encourage you to keep your distance from others. When at least 3 feet of distance cannot be maintained, we strongly encourage you to properly wear a mask. This included when you are in the bleachers, accessing concessions, using bathrooms, and entering and exiting the facility. 

  4. We appreciate your cooperation as we promote the health and safety of our school community.


Student’s responsibilities:

  1. All dances will be held from 8:00–11:00 pm.

  2. Parents are responsible for picking up their students within 15 minutes after the dance ends.

  3. Dances are open only to registered students of Huron High.

  4. Once students enter the dance, they must stay.  If students leave the dance, they may not return.

  5. Alcohol, smoking, and illegal substances are prohibited.

  6. School officials may request a student take a breath-alcohol test only if there is reasonable suspicion to believe the student has consumed alcohol.

  7. Violations of state laws such as drinking or disorderly conduct will be referred to the police on duty for legal action.

  8. Proper dress is expected at all dances.  Attire with lettering or drawings which depict sexually suggestive expressions/actions, profanity, drugs, alcohol, or which degrade the integrity of the individual or others is prohibited.


  10. Students must show a ticket at the door/gate (and/or enter the dance be on ticket guest list).

  11. Students must show a valid student ID card.

  12. No refunds on dance tickets.

  13. Students refusing to follow dance rules will have their parents called to come and get them.  They will be disqualified from attending future dances for the remainder of the school year.

  14. There will be no provocative or lewd dancing

  15. Students are not permitted to sit in parked cars or loiter in the parking lot.

  16. Students will be asked to dance upright.  If the behavior continues, students will be removed from the dance.



Guest pass and policy procedure:

  1. Any student wishing to bring a guest from another school must follow guest pass procedures.  Guest forms are available in Grade Class offices.

  2. All guests must adhere to the student’s rules of conduct & responsibilities.


Attendance at a school dance is to be considered a privilege, not a right.


Homecoming Week Information:

Spirit Week:

Monday, October 3- College Day

Tuesday, October 4– Twin Day

Wednesday, October 5  – Artist Day

Thursday, October 6 - Decade day 

Friday, October 7 - Class Colors

  • 9th Grade: Green

  • 10th Grade: Gold

  • 11th Grade: White

  • 12th Grade: Camo


Pep Assembly:

The Homecoming Pep Assembly will take place Friday afternoon, October 7th.  Juniors and Seniors will be seated on the Home side; Freshmen and Sophomores will be seated on the Visitor's side. 


 Pep Assembly Bell Schedule: