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  •  Weekly Update

    Monday, April 12, 2021

    Dear Allen Families,

    What great spring weather we have been experiencing lately! This is the time of year for rebirth and renewal, and it’s certainly been exciting to welcome students back to the building. We are finding great success with supporting students with wearing masks, cleaning hands frequently, and staying socially distanced.

    This weekly communication will cover the following:          

    • Arrival and Dismissal
    • Driveline App
    • Daily Pre-Screening
    • Drills
    • Report Cards
    • Noon Hour Supervisors 
    • Title 1 Support every Wednesday
    • Library Book Returns
    • Special Area Class Supplies
    • 5th Grade Transition to Middle School Information
    • Advertising in Student Folders


    Arrival and Dismissal

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during the daily arrival and dismissal windows. We do have a few tips that would help make arrival/dismissal go even smoother.  Students should have their mask ON when they pull up to school and be ready to disembark. When you turn into the parking lot it would be a good time to remind them to put it on.  Students need to open and close the car door on their own as well as buckle and unbuckle themselves.  Please practice this with your child to help build their independence.  We do ask that all children exit the vehicle on the passenger side.  Drivers, please stay in your car and pull through the car lane. Students in 2nd-5th grade may exit and enter their vehicle near the sidewalk by the great room doors as this puts them much closer to their assigned entrance and exit doors. 


    Driveline App

    Information about the Driveline app was emailed to families in March.  If you do not have your family number, check your spam email for a message from Allen Elementary School.  You may also email Michele Barkoot and she can provide you with the number.  We are able to provide you with one hangtag that will be distributed to your child on their first day.  Please write the family number down on a piece of paper and have it ready to display before you receive your hangtag.   If you have multiple vehicles that pick up your child(ren) you can also write the number down on a piece of paper to display for the dispatchers. 


    Daily Pre-Screening

    The Daily Student Screening must be completed each day for each child prior to arrival at any AAPS school campus.  In the event they are not feeling well, we ask that you keep them home and have them login to school remotely.  If your child starts to not feel well during the school day, we will call you and ask that you pick up your child/ren within 30 minutes of the call.  At that time we will share with you the necessary follow up steps to complete before they can return to school.  We appreciate your understanding as we work to keep a healthy and safe environment for all our Allen Eagles.



    The state of Michigan still requires that 10 drills be completed yet this school year.  We will be conducting 5 fire drills, 3 security drills, and 2 severe weather drills over the coming days.  


    Report Cards

    Report cards were sent out via secure document email on Friday, April 9th.  Progress reports for students with special education services are paper printed and will be sent home with your child if they are returning to school or postal mailed if they are not. 


    Title 1 Support Every Wednesday

    Drop-in support is still offered every Wednesday from 8:30am-11:30am.  We have extended this to 1st – 5th graders. Teachers will be available to assist students with Lexia, Dreambox, multiplication fact practice and completion of Wednesday assignments. Come when you can. Stay for as long or as little as you need!  Use the Title 1 Zoom Link posted in your child’s Schoology account with the following icon.


    Library Book Returns and Questions

    Do you have school library books at home?

    • Please bring those books to school to be returned to the library. If you have books from another building, those books can be returned to our building as well. 
    • If you are remaining virtual for the remainder of the school year, hold on to AAPS library books until we can all return this school year or until next fall.  

    What about late or lost fines?

    • We understand many families have been impacted this past year and will be waiving costs related to lost school library books.

    Are you not sure if you have school library books at home?

    • Mrs. Woelmer will be emailing library book notices this week (with book titles included) in the event you do not remember what books you have checked out.


    Special Area Class Supplies week of April 12th

    ART:  Week of April 12th

    Paper, Pencil, Tools for adding color (markers, crayons, colored pencils)

    Library: To prepare for the Library, students should check their Sora accounts to pick up any holds and return books they have finished reading.


    Music Classes for PreK through 3rd Grade may use these items:     Music Class Basket

    4th Grade will always need their recorder and green folder.

    5th Grade will always need their instrument and music.

    Physical Education:  Week of April 12th 

    At the beginning of each live class, students are given 3 minutes to collect materials for class.  Below are the items we will use this week for each grade level:

    Y5 - 2nd Grades:  *None

    3rd & 4th Grades:  *None

    5th Grades:

    *Frisbee-like object (i.e. paper plate, hat, Tupperware lid)

    *6 objects to knock down (i.e. Cups, blocks, toys, water bottles)


    5th Grade Transition to Middle School Information

    Transition activities will soon begin for our AAPS 5th graders! Last week Ms. Barkoot sent an email to all 5th grade families with information from both Tappan and Scarlett. The Tappan team will join the 5th grade classrooms virtually on Monday, April 12 and the Scarlett team will meet with them on Tuesday, April 13. 


    Scarlett Information

    • Wednesday, April 21st @ 6:00 PM- Virtual Orientation for Students & Families in Spanish
    • Thursday, April 22nd @ 6:00 PM -Virtual Orientation for Students & Families in English
    • Due by Friday, April 30 @ 3:30 PM - Students & Families will review the 6th grade courses and submit a Google Form. 
    • Wednesday, May 19th from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM = 5th graders attend a virtual orientation hosted by Scarlett Faculty & Students.

    Tappan Information

    • Please review this 6th grade transition presentation with your student. Click here!
    • Please fill out this class selection form. Click here! The due date for the form is Friday, April 30, 2021 at 3:30pm.
    • Parent orientation for incoming 6th graders is on April 20, 2021.


    Advertising in Student Folders

    As we start thinking about next school year, we will return to using student communication or travel folders to support your student in getting their papers back and forth between school and home.  These have local businesses featured on them.  If you are a business owner, or work for a business that would like to show support for the school while gaining visibility to our students and parents, please contact Torey Madura in our office and she will share your contact information.  Ad sales are currently underway and we are working with the company Kids First this year which can be found at:


    Please reach out if you have any questions.  Wishing you all a healthy and springy week!


    Laura Wolf



    Allen Parent Council Updates:



    It is truly a privilege and an honor to be returning to the Allen School community.  I am so excited to get to know all of our students and families over the coming days and weeks.  

    To our students, I cannot wait to meet and connect with you!  I hope you are reading this summer and spending time with your families.  I look forward to meeting you online in the near future.  

    To our families, while I know there are so many uncertainties as we return to school virtually during a pandemic, please know we will be steadfast in working alongside you to provide the engaging and robust teaching and learning opportunities you have come to expect from the Ann Arbor Public Schools.    

      Welcome to Allen Elementary
    where we strive to engage, value, and collaborate with
    all students, parents, and community members in the learning process.

    Allen Elementary School is filled with dedicated and professional staff who strive to create the optimal learning environment for students. All students, staff, and parents are valued members of the Allen community.  

    We take pride in... 

    • Providing a research-based curriculum: Everyday Math and Balanced Literacy                            
    • Ongoing professional development of staff: literacy, math and science education, social and emotional development.
    • Our on-site staff who provide specialized knowledge and skills to support children and teachers.
    • The shared commitment between school and home: Parent Council, School Improvement Team, Spring Open House, Country Fair, Book Fairs, Performances, Chaperones, and Room parents.

    Please come to visit us at Allen. We would love to meet you and show you around our school.


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