• Hello 5/6 Families!

    I am thrilled to be writing to you all today, as I sit in what was my favorite spot in the
    library 20 years ago. I remember coming to Ann Arbor Open, the new kid at a new
    school for the first time in my educational career. I remember as a 7th grader, even
    my classroom felt so big. As I work to make Room 263 a welcoming space for all
    students, I realize how a new teacher and a new space may feel to our students, both new and returning.

    This is my 11th year in education, and although I have worn many hats, the majority
    of my experience is in classroom teaching. This is my first year as an Ann Arbor Open
    teacher, but it feels like a welcome return after 20 years. Johnny, Ko and Jason have
    already wrapped me up like I have been here for years and are helping me navigate any new terrain.

    For the first few weeks of school, we will be focusing on building our classroom
    community. Students are welcome to bring any supplies, but they may not be
    utilizing everything, just yet! Pencils, notebooks and anything to add a bit of
    personality (colored pencils, markers, gel pens and/or crayons) are encouraged.
    Please have your student bring their favorite book to school on or before Thursday, August 31st.

    Reading and writing are two of my personal passions, and I am hoping to build our
    classroom library with robust and varied titles that will help all of our students find
    joy in reading. I’m accepting any gently used book donations and leads on any great titles.

    I can’t wait to partner with Johnny on our 5/6 learning journey this year, and I am so
    thrilled to return to the school that honestly changed my life. Should you have any
    questions, concerns or comments- please reach out to me at robbk@aaps.k12.mi.us .
    During the school day I am typically only available during planning periods, so please allow 48 hours for a response, although I strive to respond sooner.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    🎉Eagerly awaiting the first day of school 🎉,