• Mission Statement

    Children come to school immersed in their own learning.  School and home are blended together into a larger community as children, teachers, and parents work together.

    At Ann Arbor Open, our mission is to engage students in learning that builds on individual interests and needs, honors diversity, and supports academic, social, and personal growth.


    What is Ann Arbor Open?

    The Ann Arbor Open School Experience presented by Eton Center for Learning and Teaching

    Philosophy of Ann Arbor Open

    History of Ann Arbor Open

    A Visit to Ann Arbor Open  

    Multicultural Fair

    Enrollment Process


    Ann Arbor Open
    920 Miller Ave
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Phone: 734-994-1910
    Fax No.: 734-997-1877


    Principal:  Alison Epler
    Email:  eplera@a2schools.org
    Asst. Principal:  Keichea Shauntee-Wilson
    Email: shaunteewilsonk@a2schools.org