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    Burns Park Elementary School Mission Statement

    To foster academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment which develops responsible citizenship, a positive self-image, creativity, sensitivity to others and multi-cultural awareness. 

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    Dear Burns Park Families,

    What a wonderful and busy week building up to our short vacation! Our first-grade students had fun leading their Lunar New Year’s Parade and showing off the dragons they created. Younger students celebrated 100’s Day and Valentine’s Day was celebrated in many caring and generous ways in individual classrooms.

    We were very happy to welcome so many families to National African American Parent Involvement Day last Monday and the wonderful recorder concert from our 4th-grade students, led by Ms. Noble. Each year we are amazed at the talent and hard work that your children invest in this performance an in Ms. Noble’s ability to bring out their best!

    Students in grades 3-5 enjoyed our BEAU Monde dance presentation in celebration of Black History Month. (Thank you PTO, for funding this assembly.) We were particularly proud of our 5th grader, Ava Brzonznowski, and her poise and skill as a dancer. We saw African dance, heard Congolese drumming, and sang, in call and response. Several of our students came to the stage to share their understanding of music and African-American culture.

    Once again, we are impressed by how much our children know about their history and the world around them. We agreed that African and African-American contributions in jazz and popular music are gifts that people throughout the world admire and one of the many contributions that make our country and its people truly great.

    We hope that you have enjoyed some family time over the President’s Day Break. Our weather is taking a turn to the warm and wet. It looks likely that we will have indoor recess Tuesday. If that is the case, we will appreciate any parents who have offered to help with indoor recess in your child’s classroom. We will send an email at around 11:30 AM tomorrow if it looks like we will be indoors.

    We’ve just received word that two of our students, Mary Sol Bennett and Sariah Robinson, have artwork selected by jurors to go on to the MAEA State Level Art Show. Only 100 pieces throughout the various regions of Michigan are selected for this honor! Mary Sol and Sariah’s artwork will be part of a traveling exhibition that will rotate around the state for one year. Congratulations Mary Sol and Sariah! We are grateful for our student’s talents and the ways that you as family, and our fine arts faculty, nurture them. Many thanks to Ms. Higgins for building a school community where children find opportunity and voice as artists.

    We are excited to share that Ms. Kalli Allen will be with us for the remainder of the year in Music 2 in the position previously held by Mrs. Gatien.   She works with students in the Young Five classrooms through third-grade classes and is .7 at Burns Park and .3 at Lawton.  We are excited to have her here.  Below is a brief introduction from Kalli.

    “Hello! My name is Ms. Allen and I have recently graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Music Education. While at MSU, I taught Early Childhood classes, interned with the MSU Community Music School's Cantablie choir (ages 7-10), and directed my own children's choir at a local church for two years. In December, I finished my student teaching assignment at Thurston Elementary, and I am just so excited to be teaching in Ann Arbor! As your children already know, my favorite foods are pizza and sushi (just not together). I  look forward to getting to know your kiddos!"

    We have been shocked and saddened by the violence in Florida this past Friday and we are thinking in particular of two concerns for our students and families.

    First of all, we do everything we can to limit the exposure our elementary students have to information about school shootings. While we do have a regular schedule of safety drills, we use language to shield our students from the gravity of their purpose. We know that children at this age are not able to process the realities that are occurring as they take the information we present to them at face value and hear news at a very concrete and specific level. Just as you limit their exposure and carefully craft your language, we do as well.

    Secondly, although the odds are very small, and diminished by the active participation of so many in our parent and family community, we do observe protocols for entry and practice responses to these unlikely occurrences. We are grateful that parents and families are comfortable in speaking out. If you see something that is concerning, please do not hesitate to tell us, or any staff member, right away. We always respond to your concerns.

    Here is a review of the process that we follow for door entry.

    When requesting entrance, parents and guests will press the buzzer to signal their request.

    Upon visual identification, our office staff will ask you to name your relationship to the school, the purpose of your visit, and your destination. Upon identification of your identity and purpose and your relationship as a parent or family member, you will hear a click and the door will be temporarily unlocked. Guests and visitors should then go immediately to the office to sign in and attach their sticker/guest-pass in a visible place before proceeding to their ultimate destination.

    Staff has been instructed to kindly question any adult who does not have a guest sticker or their district ID badge and to direct them to the office for sign-in. Visitors also will sign out in the office when they are ready to leave.

    We want to make sure that our parent and family community feels welcomed and encouraged to volunteer and visit. We also want to do our very best to provide a safe and secure environment for our children.

    From time to time our office staff will not be able to respond immediately as they may be on the phone or in the middle of a conversation with another parent, family member, or student. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding with this process.

    Again, we are troubled by recent events and also our seeming inability or unwillingness to address this problem which is unique to our nation. We will be heartened tomorrow when we see our children and join with you to care for them in every way that we can. They are lovely and deserve our very best.


    Chuck Hatt and Laura Wolf


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