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    Our mission for Mrs. Gracey’s fifth grade class is to build a safe, fun, and respectful learning community, where classmates are encouraged to do their personal best, be role models, be responsible, respect each other, learn from their mistakes, and…HAVE FUN!!!


    We had a very meteoric week this week!!!

    If your child would like to order from the book order this month, please do so by Monday.  There is information about how to order on the Book Order section of this website.  When your child orders a book, I get points to order free books for the classroom!

    I have added dates for NWEA testing to the calendar.  Please check the dates and try to avoid planning for your child to be out on these dates and times.  If your child misses a test, they will take a make up test with an administrator at a later date.  

    Please help your child be on time for school.  The first bell rings at 8:51.  This is the time that students may enter the building.  The second bell rings at 8:56.  This is the time that instruction begins and students are expected to be in the classroom ready to learn!  Student who are coming in late are having trouble completing their bellwork which is usually important math review.

    Please be sure that green Friday Folders, planners, and binders that come home on Fridays are returned on Mondays.  Take some time this weekend to look through their binders.  There are goal sheets from this week that contain your child's goals for the week and their reflection on those goals, my reflection on their week, and any work that needs to be completed at home this weekend.

    The Visual Arts Studio is looking for donations of yogurt cups, newspapers, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, small empty plastic water bottles, emty pop or beverage cans (ones that are not redeemable for money) and empty individual skinny pop or chips bags. Please drop off your donations at the Artroom Or office With Ms.Wayne's name on them. 

    Thank You
    Dear families,
    Our next fundraising opportunity is already upon us! 5th grade students and parent volunteers will help to provide and serve a chili dinner at BINGO Night! :)
    We will need several volunteers for this event. Here is what we'll need:
    1. Food donations: We'll need at least 8 families to donate a full crockpot of chili that we can serve at BINGO Night. We'll also need donations of crackers (to be served with the chili), bottled water, and store-bought bakery items. All of our food donations will be sold and the money earned from sales will go towards Student Fundraising.
    2. Volunteers: We'll need at least 12 students and 4 parents to help serve chili to visiting families on BINGO Night. Teams will either work the first shift (from 6:20pm-7:10pm) or the second shift (from 7:10pm-8:00pm). If you or your child sign up to work a shift, you cannot play BINGO or eat chili during this time. Plan on coming before or after your shift to play and eat! :)
    3. If you are interested in donating food items or volunteering to help with sales, please sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c4ca4a828a75-bingo
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email Leslie Vosters, our Student Fundraising leader, at vosters@aaps.k12.mi.us
    Thank you!
    The Space Camp Team




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