Dicken Elementary

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Dicken Office (734)-994-1928

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    re From Ann Arbor's Community Rec & Ed Program
    We have prepared a survey for elementary and K-8 school parents to tell us what types of after school classes they would like to see offered at their school next year. We hope to create classes that meet each school's needs. 

    Please consider filling out the survey per the link below.
    2018-19 Rec & Ed After School Enrichment Program Survey 
    **Survey will be open until May 18.** 

    Mission Statement 

    “Dicken School's positive, safe environment and strong measurable academic focus empowers our diverse community of students to achieve their fullpotential as lifelong learners.”

    Vision: All Dicken students have the resources and support they need to meet grade level outcomes:

    • Dicken School continually focuses on effective student learning
    • Individualized classroom instruction meets the learning styles of all students
    • Communication fosters partnerships with students, staff, families, & community
    • Knowledge empowers students for success in the 21st century
    • Every student is engaged in his or her learning
    • Necessary life skills and appreciation of diversity prepare Dicken students to be global citizens

    Moments of Greatness

    Each month Dicken features leaders who have made a difference, big or small. 

    Click on the 7 Habits Tree to see our featured leaders for this month!