Rainbow in sky over community high school building
Student drawing with colored pencils
teacher with student at computer

About Our School

  • Community High has been the public school of choice for students in the Ann Arbor Public Schools since 1972. It is one of the oldest public magnet schools in the country. What makes our school unique is also what defines us as a school:
    • Forum is a student-centered, student-run cohort, also known as your family while you're here. You eat together, hang out together, graduate together, take trips together, and spend time talking about life.
    • Our Community Resource (CR) Department is the best of its kind. CHS is committed to facilitating innovative learning in the classroom, as well as in the community.
    • Our open campus environment fosters and encourages self-initiated learning opportunities. Students often design their own coursework and sometimes their own courses. Block scheduling and no bells at the start or end of classes create an environment similar to a college experience, helping students transition more smoothly into their post-secondary years. Visit the CHS Profile 2023-24 to see the information college admissions offices receive about our school.
    • To receive a diploma, students must meet all the high school graduation requirements of the AAPS Board of Education. Students must earn a minimum of twenty-two credits for graduation.