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    Dear Lakewood Friend & Families,  

    We hope that everyone had a great week. The beginning of the year can be exhausting for students and families. Transitioning back into a routine, following a schedule, adjusting behaviors and learning new ones is not easy. It is especially difficult for young ones, as they have not yet developed the executive functioning skills that we as adults have. In response, it is important to talk about these shifts, provide regular reminders of expectations and teach self-care. We hope that you will take some time this week to discuss the beginning of the year with your student(s) and these things that will help them to be successful as the year continues. Please be sure they get the proper amount of rest, technology is reduced, and continue to discuss what it means to be a student and what it takes to learn. Through all of that, be sure to take of yourself as well. 

    Below are some important reminders and updates: 

    Lakewood’s Top 5

    1. We are here to Learn

    2. We are safe with our body, words, & reactions

    3. We respect ourselves, each other and the building 

    4. We have silent hallways to respect learning and work around us  

    5. We are kind to EVERYONE

    The ZONES of Regulation at Lakewood

    Lakewood is very excited to share that we are incorporating a building-wide social and emotional learning support system! This school year we are fostering self-regulation and emotional control through the use of The Zones of Regulation. Attached you will find an informational letter describing The Zones of Regulation curriculum and how you can best support your child's learning.  Furthermore, we wanted each home to be able to have their own Zones visual chart. Students will be receiving their own printed copy to take home. You can find a copy of that chart attached. You can also learn more about Zones at

    If you have any questions you may reach Samantha Cucu, our Intervention Specialist, at 

    Walking Students to Class 

    We are asking that parents allow students to walk to class themselves. We have many adults in the hallways to help them find their way and support them. This will help build student independence, reduce traffic in the hallways, and allow teachers to get started sooner. We appreciate your support with this, and will be mindful of individual needs. 

    Students Who Arrive Late & Signing Students In & Out

    Any student who arrives after the bell should must stop in the office for a pass. Attendance is taken first thing in the morning, so we need to know who arrived late to update the system. Also, if you pick a student up early and then bring them back, you must sign them back in. It is imperative that we know who is in the building and who is not in the case of an emergency. We appreciate your cooperation with this. 

    PTO Updates

    • Thank you to everyone who came out for the last PTO meeting. Our budget has been set at $58,155 for the upcoming school year. We love supporting our students and teachers! 

    • The next PTO meeting is October 14th at 6:30pm in the Library.  Come on out and see what we're all about! Children are welcome. 

    • Check the new PTO bulletin board outside the main office for any updates.

    • Keep an eye out for PTO information that will be coming home in the next few weeks.

    • If you have any interest in representing Lakewood Elementary at the PTO Council meetings please contact Amy Zampi at or

    • Upcoming PTO events:

      • September 27th:  Spirit Day - Color by Day (Y5-red, K-yellow, 1-green, 2-orange, 3-blue, 4-white, 5-purple)

      • October 9th:  Lakewood Dough Raiser with Dominos pizza (mention coupon code 'L' for a 25% return to Lakewood and you save 15%.  Order online at or call 734-913-8888)

      • October 14th - PTO meeting, 6:30 school library

      • October 18th - Lakewood Fun Run

      • October 25th - Fall Festival

    Lunch Volunteers

    We are looking for help with supervising during lunch and recess. Volunteers can work one lunch, both, one day, or even drop in. If you are interested, please contact our Noon Hour Coordinator, Samantha Startcher at

    Grade Level Lunch Schedule











    Rec & Ed Fall into After-School! 

    AAPS Rec & Ed is excited to offer several after-school classes focused on fun, learning, movement, and discovery. Registration is now open, and spots are filling fast! Please see class options below, and visit Rec & Ed after school classes for details. For scholarship information, click here

    Nutty Robotics

    Nutty Robotics Junior

    Artful Explorers: Early Fall

    Artful Explorers: Late Fall

    Journey Through Time With Art

    Little Bands

    G-Powers Socce

    Save the Date