Did you know that your school, Pathways to Success Academic Campus, has a University of Michigan Health System clinic on site?

    The UMHS Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) clinic at Pathways is here to help your child(ren) stay healthy! The RAHS clinic will be open during the summer! The summer is a perfect time to schedule an appointment for your child’s yearly physical, sports physical, and immunizations! RAHS is also able to see your child(ren) for any other physical or mental health care needs. See the  2016 Summer Physical flier  for additional details. Please stop by or call 734 973-9167 to schedule an appointment.      

      2016 Summer Physicals


    RAHS clinic offers a variety of services all year including: 

    * General Physical Exams

    * Resources for teen parents

    * Sports Physicals

    * Immunizations

    * Sick Care

    * Lab Tests

    * Dental Care

    * Risk Assessments

    * Pregnancy Testing 

    * Counseling (Individual and Group)

    * Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections 

    * Nutrition Program

    * Referrals to community resources

    * Physical Activity Program

    * Insurance Enrollment

    * Spanish Translation services.