• Traditional High School Academic Program

    The primary goal of the Pathways to Success Secondary/High School Completion Summer School is to provide students who have completed grades 11-12 with a second opportunity to master or improve upon subjects attempted during the school year for credit recovery.  The program includes courses needed to meet the minimum Board of Education High School Graduation requirements.  High School courses are in 3-hour blocks, with a 5-minute break at the start of each hour.  A maximum of two High School courses are taken, and will equal a 6-hour day, plus a 25-minute lunch break.


    Students may not take more than two classes total across all summer school programs offered.  For example, a student may take one class in the traditional program and one class in the Online program; however, a student may not take two classes in the traditional program and one in the Online program.



    Options is a computer-based program for students to recover credit from Math, Science, Social Studies or English.  If the student received an “I” they may recover their grade with a plan from their school counselor.  If they have an “E” they must take the class over.  Students will be assigned to either the morning or afternoon session, which they must attend daily until the plan is completed.


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     Pathways to Success Summer Program

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