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Office: 734-994-2004, Attendance: 734-994-2008, Late arrive/Early dismiss: 994-2005 or 7

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  • Welcome to Slauson Middle School

    🆕 2023-24 Welcome and Registration Information Letter 🆕

    See linked letter for all information:  dates/times, what to bring, 1st day of school, FAQ, and more!

    23-24 Bell Schedule

    PowerSchool & Schoology Help for Parents/Families (Also found in "Our School- For Parents"!)  

    Slauson Mission Statement

    We are committed to educational excellence, the development of self-esteem, and the cultivation of academic and social skills in a safe and supportive environment where respect for individual differences and the rights of others guides school behavior. 

    Check out two minutes at Slauson Middle School!

    Slauson: A Michigan School to Watch!  Check out video of staff hearing this wonderful news, and the press release!  

    Attendance (Absences) Line: 734.994.2008

    For late arrival and early dismissal: please call 734-994-2005 or 734-994-2007. When possible, please contact the office 2 hours prior to pick up to minimize classroom disruptions & parent/guardian wait time.  

    PLTW Program Recognition: Honoring Slauson Middle School

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    Enrollment Process:

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    Ann Arbor Public Schools is proud to offer multiple enrollment options for our families in order to best serve our community.

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