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  • Welcome to Slauson Middle School

    Slauson Mission Statement

    We are committed to educational excellence, the development of self-esteem, and the cultivation of academic and social skills in a safe and supportive environment where respect for individual differences and the rights of others guides school behavior.

    Project Healthy Schools
    Each year since 2005, students at Slauson Middle School are encouraged to exercise more, eat healthier, and spend less time in front of a screen. These are the goals of Project Healthy Schools, a childhood obesity-prevention program implemented by Slauson’s wellness team. The program’s educational lessons are currently taught in seventh-grade advisories, and all students benefit from school-wide wellness initiatives throughout the year. Keep an eye out for opportunities to participate and practice healthy habits! Please contact Slauson’s wellness champion, Heidi Busch-Binetti, with questions at