• Last Name First Name Building/Department Title Email Phone Extension
    Adamkowski Linda Allen Elementary Paraprofessional adamkows@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Aretz Diane Allen Elementary Teacher, World Language/Spanish aretzd@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Argersinger Sarah Allen Elementary Occupational Therapist argersingers@a2schools.org 997-1210 11410
    Barkoot Michele Allen Elementary Secretary To Principal barkootm@a2schools.org 997-1210 11200
    Bates Sue Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 5 bates@a2schools.org 997-1210 11430
    Binder Leslie Allen Elementary Teacher, KG binder@a2schools.org 997-1210 11427
    Blumer David Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 3 blumerd@a2schools.org 997-1210 11434
    Bonenberger Kim Allen Elementary Physical Therapist bonenbergerk@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Bredernitz Betty Allen Elementary Paraprofessional brederni@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Broom Edward Allen Elementary Intervention Specialist broom@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Brown Jeff Allen Elementary Paraprofessional brownjef@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Cacioppo Shana Allen Elementary School Psychologist cacioppos@a2schools.org 997-1210 11407
    Carpenter Melissa Allen Elementary Teacher, Instrumental Music/Band overhise@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Chalfant Charles Allen Elementary Principal chalfantc@a2schools.org 997-1210 11202
    Clyde Carol Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 5 clyde@a2schools.org 997-1210 11408
    Cocco Nancy Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 2 coccon@a2schools.org 997-1210 11442
    Cole Roberta Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 3 coler@a2schools.org 997-1210 11429
    Conner Sarah Allen Elementary Teacher, Art conners@a2schools.org 997-1210 11435
    Coulson-Mobley Kimberly Allen Elementary Teacher, Vocal & Instrumental/Orchestra coulsonm@a2schools.org 997-1210 11443
    Crisostomo Cara Allen Elementary Paraprofessional crisostomoc@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Daniel Delisia Allen Elementary Paraprofessional danield@a2schools.org 997-1210
    Danuloff Tracey Allen Elementary Paraprofessional danulofft@a2schools.org 997-1210
    DeJesus Melissa Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 3 dejesusm@a2schools.org 997-1210 11431
    Dennis Dawn Allen Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 dennis@a2schools.org 997-1210 11439
    DeView Kathleen Allen Elementary Speech/Language Pathologist deviewk@a2schools.org 997-1210 11424
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