• Last Name First Name Building/Department Title Email Phone Extension
    Bach Elementary Teacher, Librarian 994-1949 14434
    Alexander Courtney Bach Elementary Speech-Language Pathologist alexanderc@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Alexander Thomas Bach Elementary Paraprofessional alexandt@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Arnold Alison Bach Elementary School Psychologist arnoldal@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Baker Drew Bach Elementary Paraprofessional bakerd@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Barcelata Jenny Bach Elementary World Language barcelata@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Bishop Kristi Bach Elementary Teacher, Vocal & Instrumental/Band bishopk@a2schools.org 994-1949 14416
    Boik Marcia Bach Elementary half time Teacher Consultant boik@a2schools.org
    Borders Ann Marie Bach Elementary Teacher, KG borders@a2schools.org 994-1994 14418
    Borgsdorf David Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 5 borgsdor@a2schools.org 994-1949 14406
    Brecht Jody Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 brecht@a2schools.org 994-1949 14419
    Champagne Tina Bach Elementary Teacher, PE champagnet@a2schools.org 994-1949 14440
    Chappell Lauren Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 3 chappell@a2schools.org 994-1949 14400
    Danziger Sam Bach Elementary Teacher, PLTW danzigers@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Dominick Sarah Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 2 dominicks@a2schools.org 994-1949 14413
    Franzen Megan Bach Elementary Teacher, KG franzenm@a2schools.org 994-1949 14415
    Furey Kim Bach Elementary Teacher, Art furyk@a2schools.org 994-1949 14417
    Gleason Robin Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 4 gleason@a2schools.org 994-1949 14436
    Groh Kris Bach Elementary Paraprofessional grohk@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Haviland Marie Bach Elementary Teacher Consultant havilandm@a2schools.org 994-1949 14403
    House Kelly Bach Elementary Teacher, BLE house@a2schools.org 994-1949
    Houston Amanda Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 houstona@a2schools.org 994-1949 14422
    Humphries-Stuart Pam Bach Elementary Paraprofessional humphriesstuartp@a2schools.org
    Iglewicz Natalie Bach Elementary Teacher, Gr 3 iglewicz@a2schools.org 994-1949 14410
    Ivey Colette Bach Elementary Principal iveyc@a2schools.org 994-1949 14202
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