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    Welcome to Tappan Middle School!  We are a school commUNITY that is dedicated to enriching the lives of our students.  We believe our students are capable of academic success.  The staff and faculty work diligently in an effort to provide a rigorous curriculum in a safe learning environment.

    The middle years can be fun and challenging for many students.  We pride ourselves in building authentic academic relationships with our students, while helping them to reach their greatest potential as they journey through their middle years.

    We pride ourselves in our diverse student population.  Students are ultimately enriching their own lives as they learn about and celebrate the differences in others.

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    teach Mission Statement:  

    The mission at Tappan is to come together to design a school community where everyone will have fun, love learning, want to excel, achieve to their potential, and care for each other. We will accomplish this mission in the following ways:

    • The Tappan community will work together to keep students challenged and excited about learning. All students will set challenging goals which they will achieve each year.  Students will be involved in decision-making at Tappan. 
    • The Tappan community will continuously engage in quality, timely, and effective communication and dialogue.
    • Tappan will be a secure community where people respect and care for each other and break down barriers that prevent progress towards high achievement for all students.


    Vision Statement:  

    Tappan Middle School will be a rigorous learning environment where there are high academic and behavioral expectations for all students, and where all students achieve at high levels under the facilitation of skilled, effective, culturally competent educators. 


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Tappan History

  • History of Tappan Middle School

    Our School was built in 1951 and named in honor of Mr. Henry Phillip Tappan, the first President of the University of Michigan (1852).  Henry Phillip Tappan was a Reverend, educator and philosopher.  Of strong conviction and personality, he found compromise difficult, if not impossible.  Dr. Tappan resigned from the University of Michigan in 1863.  He is known as a distinguished thinker and has authored several books.  Tappan Elementary School was built on East University Ave., Ann Arbor, in 1885.  It was sold to the University of Michigan in the 1920s and renamed East Hall.  Burns Park Elementary School built in 1925, was originally Tappan Junior High.  In 1951, Tappan moved from the Burns Park location and took its name with it.


     (Source:President as Poet: a Note on the Life of Henry Philip Tappan, Part 4 & http://davetgc.com/Ann_Arbor_School_History.html).



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