• The Deadline for AAPS College Scholarships has now closed

    • We are still accepting applications for the Lisa Ann Gallagher and Clara Goodrich Plympton Scholarships until March 21, 2019.
    • To apply for these two scholarships only, complete the AAPS Scholarship Application.
    •  To view the complete list of scholarships, click here.

    If you have submitted your application

    • We will be reviewing applications in April and May.
    • We will announce the winners of the AAPS College Scholarships in April and May.

    Additional Scholarships Available

    Looking for more scholarships? You can find a list of these and other scholarships in your Naviance account.

    Questions? Please email studentscholarships@a2schools.org

Other Available AAPS Scholarships

  • Other Available Scholarships for AAPS Students.

    Huron High School Students

    • Taylor Calhoun Social Inclusion Scholarship: This scholarship is for student struggling to pay for items such as dental bills, senior photos, letter jackets, testing fees and more. Contact Nina Perko in the Counseling Office for additional details. 
    • Don Simons Pay to Participate Scholarship: Available to a Huron High School Athlete who is struggling to pay the pay to participate fee but does not qualify for free and reduced lunch. Contact the Huron High School Athletic Office for additional details or apply online here. Application deadline: March 15, 2019.


    Scarlett Middle School Students

    • Spencer J. Steiff Music Camp Scholarship: The Spencer J. Steiff Music Camp Scholarship provides financial assistance for band students at Scarlett Middle School to attend Wolverine Band Camp. For additional details, contact the Scarlett Middle School Counselor or Band Director.


    Haisley Elementary School Students

    • Peter Stamos Camp Scholarship: Two scholarships will be awarded annually to third or fourth grade boys or girls to attend KidSport or Camp Explorations at the University of Michigan. Contact studentscholarships@a2school.org for details.


    Questions? Please email studentscholarships@a2schools.org

AAPS College Scholarships