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    Mental Health Parent Education Series 

    WISD is offering a free, monthly webinar series for parents and caregivers on various mental health and substance-use topics, including: how to talk to your children about mental health, supporting LGBTQ+ children, what to do in a crisis, community and school resources, etc. 



    During the course of the school day, students are not permitted to leave the building/campus without permission. Students may not report to their vehicles during the school day without administrators' permission. If students are caught outside of the building without permission, they will be subject to disciplinary action. Further violations will result in loss of parking privileges at Pathways High School.

    • Leaving for lunch is not permitted.


    The commitment of the Pathways team to provide a safe and nurturing school environment for all students is unwavering. Our utmost priority is to ensure that every student can thrive without encountering negative consequences. To uphold this commitment, we call upon you, as valued members of our learning community, to join us in conveying the importance of appropriate behavior and the potential outcomes should any student engage in unauthorized or harmful activities.

    For your convenience, we have attached the document titled Rights & Responsibilities - AAPS Students, Teachers. Staff, Parents, Guardians. This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders within our school community. By familiarizing yourself with its content, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the expectations we have for each student's conduct and engagement. We firmly believe that by working together as a united community, we can foster an environment where students not only excel academically but also develop into responsible, respectful, and considerate individuals.


    In an effort to allow students more room to space themselves, we will allow students to eat in the commons (cafeteria), in our outside courtyard in the middle of the school, and on the outside benches in the courtyard in front of the school. Lunchtime will be an opportunity for students to get outdoors. Staff will be in the halls to assist throughout the day. Students may not leave campus during lunch.

    Food Delivery During the School Day:

    Pathways Staff are not responsible for food delivered to students during the school day by food delivery establishments, including but not limited to Uber Eats, DoorDash or GrubHub. This is to better ensure the security of the school as well as to minimize disruptions to the school day. Also, students are NOT allowed to leave school to get food.  Students found leaving their class will be sent back to class. 


    Parents/Guardians, in order to make sure that students have their Chromebooks at school daily as needed, teachers keep Chromebooks in their classrooms. Each teacher’s classroom is equipped with a charging chart. Students will place their Chromebooks back in the carts at the end of each class block and retrieve them when they return each day. 


    Please respect our check-in system at the main entrance desk.  To help us keep track of who is in our schools during the school day, we ask that you present your identification, either a driver’s license or identification card, when you visit the school. Once you have presented your identification for the first time, you will be on the system and will no longer need to present your ID for future visits. This is true for visits to other AAPS schools as well. The system creates a visitor badge for you to wear while you are visiting the school. Please remember to check out at the office or desk where the badge was issued upon completion of your visit. The visitor management system also checks your identification against the national sex offender database.

    The safety of our students and staff is extremely important. Our district policy requires all visitors to buzz in and enter through our main doors and to sign-in at the office. I appreciate staff, parents, and community members’ efforts in working with the school to keep our students and staff safe.


    Please remember that all parents, guardians & visitors will be required to show government-issued picture ID at the entrance of our building, including for scheduled appointments.


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    Studio Time is Not Optional!!

    •  Students should remain at school each day until school lets out at 2:56 PM. Parents and staff please continue to push our students to attend Studio Time M-Th, 2:06-2:56.


    A Look Ahead at the 2023-24 School Year Calendar



    Schoology Link Here





    We encourage every AAPS family to apply using the online application process. Select the link to enter  the Ann Arbor Family Portal and select “Guest”, to get started:

    Starting this fall, all families are asked to fill out the Free Reduced Lunch (FRL) form. You can do it from the family portal, print out an application and return it to the school or mail it to food services and you will receive a set of hard copy applications early next week. AAPS FAMILY PORTAL. You can use your phone or tablet as well as a computer to apply! The on-line application is free, easy and the fastest way to apply for meal benefits! We suggest using Google Chrome to open the online application. To open in another browser (Safari, etc.) please make sure you are using the most up-to-date version. Below is the Free and Reduced Family Meal Application and Instructions.

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application

    Frequently Asked Questions - Free & Reduced Lunch Application

    Free and reduced meal applications in other languages available at the link below.

    Free & Reduced Lunch Translated Applications The applications are available in 49 different languages.

    If you need further assistance please contact the Food Service Office at 734-994-2265.


Vision & Mission


    Welcome to Pathways High School

    Pathways is a high school campus for students needing or preferring a smaller, intimate academic environment that may be unavailable at larger, comprehensive high schools.  Through multiple pathways and flexible learning opportunities such as online coursework, community internships, dual enrollment opportunities, traditional direct instruction blended with project-based learning, students can meet the State of Michigan graduation requirements, along with the opportunity to earn college credits. 

    Pathways is designed to provide choices for students through unique class offerings in the core academic and elective areas, small class sizes, unique teacher-student interactions, and internships.  Some of the resources that make Pathways Special: 

    • RAHS (Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools)  - with newly expanded hours! 
    • On-site child care (see enrollment requirements)
    • Dual enrollment at Washtenaw Community College
    • Internships through Zingermans and through Michigan Rehabilitation Services
    • Ever-expanding relationships with community businesses and resource services. 


    Pathways Mission  
    The Pathways mission is to build a community of learners that are committed to success by leveraging technology, business partnerships, project-based learning, 21st Century teaching, and service-learning to uniquely enhance the student experience.





District Spotlight

Help Center

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     AAPS Help & Hotlines

     for the following resources:

    Resources for Students & Families

    • Racism, Bias or Bigotry Complaints or Concerns
    • Schoology and Powerschool Parent Information
    • Schoology for Parents
    • PowerSchool for Parents
    • Academic Supports
    • Social Emotional & Mental Health Supports
    • Internet/Wifi
    • Medical and Health Needs
    • Other Resources for Families in Need
    • Get Help: Community Resources for Students and Families
    • Homeless Support
    • Food
    • Handy-man and Home Repair Services
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Financial and Tax Resources
    • Parenting Support
    • COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) Online Application
    • Free and Low Cost Camp Option


    Washtenaw County COVID-19 Status

    Link to CDC Community Level page here. The Ann Arbor Public Schools 2023-2024 Covid and Health Guidance is available here

    AAPS COVID-19 related resources:

    Additional Resources

    • Food:
      • Food Gatherers: 734-761-2796
    • Social-Emotional & Mental Health Support: 
    • Washtenaw Country Comm. Mental Health: 
    • Ozone House:



Bell Schedule

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  • The Ann Arbor Public Schools has partnered with PowerSchool Enrollment to allow parents to pre-enroll their students online. Please see our Who Can Apply page for more information.

    Enrollment Process:

    1. Determine which enrollment options are available and best suit your student.
    2. Complete an online pre-enrollment application.
    3. Complete the full enrollment by email invitation, and upload the required enrollment documents.

    Ann Arbor Public Schools is proud to offer multiple enrollment options for our families in order to best serve our community.

    Follow this link to get started.