Class of 2026
  • Learning about IB Options for the Class of 2026.  Attention families of 10th grade students!  Has your student given thought to whether they plan to continue with the IB programming at Huron in 11th and 12th grades?  Did you know that there are three ways for Huron students to experience the IB during their last two years in high school?  Beginning in January, all 10th grade students will begin the process of learning about and selecting their “best fit” schedules for 11th and 12th grades.  Please review this general timeline with your students and be sure to ask questions along the way!

    January:  Learning 

    Beginning on January 8th, Mrs. James, the IB Coordinator for 11th and 12th grade programs, will be presenting to the entire class of 2026 during their Personal Project class.  She will be explaining the IB Diploma Program (DP), the IB Career-related Program (CP) and what it means to be an IB Course student at Huron High School.  At the end of this meeting, every student will need to complete an interest form to indicate which program(s) - if any - they are interested in learning more about.  

    Also beginning January 8th, all 10th graders will meet with their counselor during their Personal Project class. The counselors will review the requirements for graduation, talk about the importance of revisiting their 4 year plans and help them consider what it means to find a “best fit” for 11th and 12th grades among the robust offerings of AP, IB, traditional and elective classes available to all Huron students!

    During Personal Project classes, on January 12th, Mrs. James will meet with those students that express interest in learning more about the IB Diploma Program (DP)experience. Students that express interest in learning more about the IB Career-related Program (CP) experience will meet with Mrs. James on January 11th.  This will be an opportunity for students that have an initial curiosity about the programs to start to think about how this would look within their particular goals and areas of interest.  

    Throughout January and February, Mrs. James and the counselors will be available for meetings to discuss individual plans with students.  Students can reach out to their counselor and/or Mrs. James to set up these appointments after January 13th. 

    February-March:  Questions 

    We will be holding an event called CP and DP Options Night on February 6th. This is a unique night that will include a presentation to families about the IB Diploma Program (DP), IB Career-related Program (CP) and IB Course Students at Huron.  Following this, families will have the opportunity to hear from particular teachers and students about their experiences in the programs and classes.  This is targeted at any sophomore student interested in DP, CP or even interested in taking an IB Course in 11th or 12th grade!  

    March:  Scheduling 

    The final step in this process will have students that intend to enter the full IB Diploma Program (DP) or the full IB Career-related Program (CP) build a schedule with the coordinator, Mrs. James.  This will be in partnership with each student’s counselor.  This is a 1 on 1 meeting where the student, and family if desired, can talk about the particular courses to create the IB program experience they want for 11th and 12th grades.  Finally, students will enter these selections into PowerSchool as usual.  

    May:  Rising 11th grade IB Information Nights

    For students that choose to enter the full IB Diploma Program (DP) or full IB Career-related Program (CP), we will have an information night before the end of the school year (date TBD) to give you details of the experience, and to meet some of the key people that will be working with you as you enter the programs.

    If you have questions throughout the process, you can reach out to Mrs. James (the IB Coordinator for 11th and 12th grades) or your student’s counselor.