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    My name is Rosana Lubara-Steuer; I teach Spanish in 4th and 5th grade at four schools in the AAPS. I teach at Carpenter, Pittsfield, Heisley, and Wines Elementary. I have been working as a teacher for almost thirty years. I started teaching in Uruguay, South America, as a first-grade teacher. Since then, I have taught every elementary grade between Uruguay and Argentina. I also had the opportunity to teach a few classes at the high school level in Uruguay. My family and I moved to the USA in 1997. In 2003, I became a Michigan-certified teacher and began a new chapter in my life, becoming a Spanish teacher in the United States of America. I taught Spanish in Detroit Charter schools from 2003 until I joined the STEAM school in the AAPS district in 2014. I attained a bachelor's's degree in education in Argentina and a Master of Arts with a major in Spanish from Eastern Michigan University. Teaching Spanish is my life now. I have been told, "I am born to be a teacher," but this is untrue. If anything, I was born a learner, and I learned how to teach along the way. My teaching style and techniques evolve as I learn through professional development, by studying my peers, and, most importantly, by listening to my students. A large part of teaching is figuring out how people learn. I am passionate about education because I am a life-long learner myself.


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