CrisisGo & Safety iPass Staff Information

  • As we prepare to return to in-person instruction, AAPS will use the Safety iPass feature on the CrisisGo app for the daily required staff safety health check-in. CrisisGo is an app already loaded on staff desktops and can be loaded for free on your cell phones. Downloading the CrisisGo app on your personal mobile phone is not required but it is a cloud-based secure app that makes safety check-in convenient when it is easily available on your phone.

    What is CrisisGo?

    As a reminder, CrisisGo is an emergency alert app that allows for two-way communication between staff and administration. This incident management app adds another layer of safety for our school staff by creating a platform to alert, communicate, and respond to any emergency or safety issues in our schools. CrisisGo will be used during emergency drills, classroom emergencies for quick communication with administrators and on field trips to account for your students. CrisisGo also contains valuable information such as class lists, school evacuation maps, emergency checklists, a light and an emergency siren.

    CrisisGo Safety iPass

    It is everyone’s responsibility to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to keep our schools and communities safe. The CrisisGo Safety iPass provides a screening process required for all AAPS staff before entering the school campus.

    The Safety iPass is easily available on the CrisisGo app by selecting the pre-visit report button. After answering the pre-screening questions, you will see a green entry badge if you are compliant to enter the school building. If you receive a yellow or red badge, you will not be allowed into the school that day until further screening questions are answered. Only your school administrators, school nurse, district health officer and safety director will receive a list of staff who are issued a yellow or red badge. This information will not be shared beyond this list. It is your responsibility to alert school staff if your screening answers produce a yellow or red Safety iPass badge and you should not come to school that day.

    Every weekday morning by 6 am, you will receive an automated email from CrisisGo that links directly to the questionnaire. This is another option to access the safety check-in questions, other than through the phone app.  You will receive your first email on Wednesday, March 3.

    Here is a breakdown of the Safety iPass entry badges:

    GREEN – Allowed Entry into school

    • Not COVID-19 positive, no COVID symptoms, no temperature, not near COVID confirmed person in last 14 days.

    YELLOW – Quarantine – DO NOT enter school

    • COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to COVID confirmed positive person in the past 14 days.

    RED – AT RISK – DO NOT enter school

    • COVID-19 positive cases – do not enter school or grounds.
    • Please fill out AAPS Positive Case Form
    • A school nurse or health specialists will contact you.

    Remember – Each time prior to entering a school campus, it is required that you use the safety check-in tool.

    How to Login to CrisisGo – laptop or mobile phone

    Location on your laptop:
    desktop screenshot

    Login to CrisisGo using your email login credentials the district has created:

    Example: Username:
                    Password:  margolisl

    Please access the CrisisGo training that includes the Safety iPass instructions as soon as you can. You should stop at the “Manager’s View” section as this is for the school administration team.

    The are two training guides: one video and one slide deck. Please use the video first and then the slide deck to help with any further questions. You will be able to discuss this app at your next staff meeting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

    1. CrisisGo Safety iPass Training Video - This is a 39-minute video that starts with a refresher or introduction to CrisisGo and how to access it. PLEASE USE CHROME TO OPEN
    1. CrisisGo Safety iPass Training Deck - This is a slide deck to provide further instruction

    Thank You,

    Liz Margolis
    Executive Director, Student & School Safety