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    Wines Elementary School Library Policies (updated November 2022)


    How can a student see what books they have checked out?

    They can access the library catalog, Destiny, from home. Use these directions to get there. 

    When is the library open to students?

    Students may stop by to return books in the book return even when it’s not their library class day. They can drop books off on their way into school, on their way out of school, or during the day at a time that works for their classroom teacher. 

    How many books can students check out?

    Young fives and kindergarten: 1 book

    First, second, and third grades: 2 books

    Fourth and fifth grades: 3 books

    When are books due?

    For young fives through third graders, their library books are due back on their first library class day of the week (or, on weeks with early release or other adjusted schedules, their only library day of the week). For fourth and fifth graders, since they only have one library class each week, their books are due back on their library class day. Students are welcome to renew books they are still reading by asking for them to be renewed during their library class or by renewing them themselves through Destiny Discover

    Can a student put a book on hold?

    Yes, students may put books on hold when they come up to the circulation desk, by emailing Ms. Goldberg, by sending Ms. Goldberg a Clever message, or by putting them on hold online through Destiny Discover. If the book is in the library, it will be placed on the hold shelf in their class box. If the book is already checked out, the computer will let Ms. Goldberg or one of our awesome volunteers know to hold it for the student when it is checked back in. Books will be kept on the hold shelf for one week. 

    Are there fines for overdue books?

    No. Each Wednesday, caregivers will receive a notice via email of any overdue books. If students are still reading those books, please let them know to ask Ms. Goldberg to renew them.

    What happens if a student loses a book?

    If a student loses a book, they are responsible for replacing it. If a book is lost, please reach out to Ms. Goldberg to find out about replacement options.

    How can we help students take responsibility for shared library materials?

    Caregivers can help their child take care of their library books by reminding students to:

    • keep library books in their backpack when they are not reading them, or in a safe spot in your home (a shelf, cardboard box, or other accessible place)

    • carry books by the spine (instead of by the pages) 

    • turn pages carefully

    • wash their hands before reading or handling books 

    • keep food, drink, pets, and babies away from library books 

    • wrap books in a plastic bag in their backpack if it is a rainy day

    • inform their teacher or Ms. Goldberg about any writing found in the book or any damaged pages

    If a book is damaged, Ms. Goldberg will do her best to fix it. Please return damaged books directly to Ms. Goldberg, rather than putting them into the book return bin. If it is not repairable, Ms. Goldberg will let you know the replacement cost.