• The Options program is a web-based learning resource where you can earn high school credit while learning independently in an online classroom.

    E2020 Work Lab:

    • HOURS: 4-7 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday 5-7:30


      • -  Attend all work lab sessions.

      • -  Work for at least 6 hours per course per week.(12 hours per week for 2 courses)

      • -  Stay current (or ‘on track’) in all courses.

      • -  Work silently during lab time.

      • -  Respect school rules, equipment, and fellow students.

      • -  While in work lab, no programs or websites other than school related (E2020, MVU) can be open.

      • -  Take careful notes on paper. Bring a notebook and pencil to each class.

    Lab hours during the evening sessions are an opportunity to accomplish a lot of work with the support of an in-person highly qualified mentor teacher. We provide you with: 
    -  A quiet space to learn
    -  A reliable internet connection
    -  A desktop, Ipad, or laptop
    -  In-person feedback and support
    -  Nightly dinner is served

    The lab time is set up for you to maximize your performance on your online coursework through E2020 or take advanced classes through Michigan Virtual University. Your mentor teachers will help you with:

      -  Course administration and navigation
      -  Test-taking and study skill strategies
      -  Content learning support
      -  Pacing guide support
      -  Email support outside of your lab hour class times – please use this!!


    Time Commitment:

    You will also need to commit to working on your courses outside of class. You will need to dedicate at least 6 hours per week on each course to stay on track. Remember to email your instructor for additional support during and outside of class hours.