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April 12, 2016 PTO Meeting

  • Motion to approve previous meeting notes made by Beth Hoecker-Martinez, seconded by Kelly Delp, and motion passes with no objections.

    Financial Update: Estimated budget surplus barring unexpected costs is $3,000.00

    2016-2017 Budget:

    All budget items are reset at zero, then we look at prior years and consider input from those involved to determine amounts. Once all expenses are determined, we set the Fun Run Goal to cover the remaining costs (Goal is a balanced budget where Planned Expenses = Planned Income)

    Budget Meetings will take place in the Thurston Library on Monday, April 18th from 6:00-7:00; Tuesday, May 10th 7:30-8:30; and Monday, May 16th 6:00-7:00 Voting will take place Tuesday, June 7th during the PTO Meeting.

    Discussion of Fun Run Money: The 10% bonus to teachers for meeting goals, and the Ice Cube trip seem to be taking a large chunk of the donations. Perhaps we come up with a less expensive whole-school event.   Suggestions were: continuing the free/donated incentives but not costly ones, giving every child a yearbook, removing the “donations for field trips” and fully fund while holding classes to a set budget. Another option offered is asking for a set field trip donation at the beginning of the year with an opt-out choice for those unable to give. No more money would be requested after that. Money could be staggered to take care of the more expensive trips for older classes and do more free/ less expensive trips for the lower levels. The Teacher Representative stated that they are in favor of more money for older classes.

    Bike Rodeo is back!

    The Rodeo was originally funded with “safe routes for school” money and is now continued by Thurston. It will take place May 20th and $10.00 helmets are available for purchase and fitting with advance notice. Wheels in Motion will be there to check the bikes’ integrity and police will be there to advise students on safety. Still need volunteers and a signup will be sent through the Heron Happenings and through Room Parents.

    Principal York’s Baby Shower is postponed due to Ms. York being unable to attend. It will be rescheduled once the baby arrives and both are able to attend.

    Thurston Pantry has been a success and several families have shared their appreciation through cards/letters. Keep your items coming to the bins by the office. A suggestion was to collect personal hygiene and cleaning products when we have big events like the ice cream social.

    Zoup! on Sunday 4/17 at 5:00 has reserved space for a community meeting.   This is a good way to find out what’s happening in the neighborhood.

    April 29th, OHAC pool will host an information open house and movie night (the swimming pool will not be available)

    The teacher’s lounge needs labor for painting, etc. Contact the PTO at to be referred to the organizers.

    May is the last Little Caesars monthly fundraiser. They will be bringing a check to an upcoming Heron Huddle for the amount earned for the year.

    Motor Moms and Dads (AKA Motor Challenge) has been done at Thurston for over 10 years for the lower grades. It allows short motion and sensory breaks so that students can focus better in class. Organizers would like to expand Motor activities to all classes, get new equipment to replace deteriorating items, and have a permanent space to hold the breaks and equipment. Motion to spend $200 for new equipment made by Amy Sonntag, seconded by Payal Agarwal, and passed with no objections. The Thurston Library is available on Tuesdays but space on other days is needed.

    Thurston Nature Center Spring workdays are Saturday, April 23rd and April 24th. Meet in front of the OHAC pool on Yorktown. Children are welcome to participate. Lower level classrooms will begin planting their gardens. Ideas are being thrown out for Earth Week Activities.

    Teachers thank the community service club for their help around the school. They thank Frank for all his work with the Nature Center and grounds.

    Upcoming events: Friday is Walk to School Day, May 6th at 6:00 is international night, PTO board elections take place at the Ice Cream Social.

    There is a committee discussing how to spend the money raised in the sinking fund millage. Playground equipment and landscaping are big items up for discussion. If you have ideas, send them to Anupama at