• Athlete Policies

    High School Sports

    If a student intends to play high school sports and is taking an online course, it is critical that the pacing chart for the online course is followed without deviation.  Student grades are reported in PowerSchool based on how the student has progressed in comparison with the pacing chart.   Students who are off pace may show up on PowerSchool as failing until the student is current on the pacing chart. This may affect eligibility.  While online courses are any time, any pace, the MHSAA requires that students be passing their courses and a weekly report is generated by the Athletic Directors.  The student-athlete will need to assure the school's athletic director s/he will pass the course through showing they are on pace and have submitted work that will allow them to pass the course.  If you have any questions contact the A2 Virtual+ office and your athletic director. Our student-athletes are held to the same standards and expectations as our general academic student. They are required to follow the defined term calendar including dates of proctoring for mid-point, final, and district common assessments.  Student-athletes are required to attend appointments made by their instructor so that they can gain better course knowledge and benefit from the instruction and guidance of their teacher.

    College Sports

    If an online student is intending to play sports in college, it is vitally important that the NCAA approved online courses are selected.  If you do not know if a particular course is approved, please contact an A2Virtual+ staff member or the A2Virtual+ office. (a2virtual@aaps.k12.mi.us).   Currently, courses listed as Edgenuity "OLE" are not NCAA approved.  Michigan Virtual "OL" also has NCAA courses beyond our offerings that are available.  

    All AAPS online courses, "OLAA", are NCAA approved beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.