Playground Advisory Committee

  • Members:

    • Melita Alston
    • Frank Commiskey
    • Roberta Heyward
    • Gregg Horvath
    • Liz Marek
    • Patricia Memmott
    • Anupama Pal
    • Christen Saraha 
Playground Advisory Image
  • Budgeted May 2015: $1.6 million

  • The Playgrounds Bond Advisory Committee understands the importance of accessibility for all children in our play zones.  Our members have reviewed and studied ADA playground guidelines as well as a current safety analysis of our play equipment and spaces.

    1. Our current work has consisted of exploring exemplars of 21st century play areas to begin to expand and shape our vision for play zones.
    2. In order to establish a clear sense of the current accessibility and condition of school playgrounds across the district, the committee has developed a detailed checklist which each member will apply to current play areas.  This first hand data is important in building a strong sense of the unique needs and spaces at each of our schools.
    3. Every AAPS elementary school playground will be reviewed for accessibility, safety, aesthetics and possibilities over the course of the next month.