Classroom Environment Advisory Committee

  • Members:

    • Gardiner Leverett
    • Lisa Bankey
    • Brady Baybeck
    • Andrea Bond
    • Rose Marie Callahan
    • Ché Carter
    • Michelle Crumm
    • Meg Fenech
    • Holly Heaviland
    • Connie Lareau
    • Peter Larson
    • Emile Lauzzana
    • Rebecca Lazarus

    • Tiffany Marra
    • Molly Mason
    • Jerry Morrisey
    • Dan Noble
    • Lindsay Pawlowski
    • Sarah Rentz
    • Maggi Rohde
    • Jackie Ross
    • Jeremy Rosenberg
    • Kathy Scarnecchia
    • Sean Waymaster
    • Suzanne Walsh
Classroom Environment Image
  • Budgeted May 2015:

    $10 million

  • Members of the CE committee have reviewed research, exemplars of 21st century learning spaces and are in the process of establishing an accurate assessment of the current state of classrooms across all district schools.

    1. A district-wide survey of teachers to gather baseline data regarding the current functionality and quality of current student furniture as well as input into purpose and design of potential new student furniture.
    2. Presentations of worldwide research and experts from the field of classroom design.
    3. The committee is in the process of developing a common rubric for assessing current classroom environment functionality and design.