Athletic Fields & Facilities Advisory Committee

  • Members:

    • Patty Barry
    • Dottie Davis
    • Dane Dresch
    • Katie Hamilton
    • Eric Herbert
    • Ann Lampkin-Williams
    • Josh Landefeld
    • Sarah Murray
    • James Piazza
    • Sam Rosewig
    • Deak Swearingen
    • Sean Williams
    • Moira Yuhas 
Athletic Facilities Image
  • Budgeted May 2015: $1 million

  • From April to June, the AFF committee is reviewing and analyzing “current condition” data from the following sources:

    1. A district-wide survey of principals, PE teachers, athletic directors and others regarding athletic field and facility use and conditions.
    2. Assessment reports outside experts. For example, a regional USTA representative conducted site visits and analysis of all district tennis courts.
    3. Beginning the week of May 2, committee members are conducting field trips to see fields and facilities that are in poor, fair, good and exemplary condition.